Josh Ranek

Long Post Ahead I'm happy about the win, and Ranek is the only player I'm disappointed in

I'm not sure what's up with him, whether his injury is still bothering him, whether he's not used to this offense, I don't know, but I'm very disappointed in the lack of yardage preduced by Ranek. Ranek, a usual guarantee for 1000 yards isn't on pace for 346 yards rushing this season. He's a good runner, but he's becoming one-dimensional, very, very predictable. When you're averaging 2.5 yards a carry, you know something is up.

Saying this, I'm wondering when Holmes will be placed in the starting role. We've all seen what Holmes can do. Holmes is a tricky player, he can hit outside, take the pitch, play slot, even go up the middle if need be. We lack this with Ranek starting, defences know where he's going, straight up the gut, and thus is easy to stuff. Holmes starting would mean a quicker start to the rushing game, and hopefully means we wont have to abandon the rushing game halfway through the 2nd quarter.

Although the CFL is a passing league, we need someone in the backfield that makes defenders miss, makes them scared to get taken to school. If we have that it opens up our offense greatly, which is much needed. Though some people seem to think Holmes isn't starting because of him being tired from kick returns. If that is a factor (which is doubtful, look at Saskatchewan last year) then put somebody else back there. Holmes needs to be full-time runningback.

Also, if Davis returns for any part of this season, you'd begin to wonder how secure Ranek's spot on this team is. Davis is a much cheaper option then Ranek and Davis is younger then Ranek.

Now to the interesting part. If Ranek loses his spot on this team, you have to assume a trade would be in the works. Now if Myers assumes the punting roll, that trade could be a tough one to form. However, if Myers isn't an all-star punter, I'd be most likely to see Ranek (and Fleming) in B.C. for Pikula. This would allow us to have a good kicking duo for both place kicking, and punting.

Also, while on the topic of runningbacks, one must wonder why our Mammoth Tank (Julian Radlein) isn't being used in short yardage situations. He's probably the best short yardage player in the league, but instead you let Maas put his body on the line? I really have to wonder the thinking on that.

Now of course, a lot of this is just speculation, and a lot of questions I have in my head, with myself trying to answer them. I may be disappointed in Ranek, but I do want him to succeed, so long as he wears Black and Gold I hope he plays to his fullest potential.

Good luck Josh, we're all counting on you to break out of this. As you've seen already, failure, and mediocrity is not accepted, and will be dealt with (The firing of Coach Marshall)

Josh didn’t suddenly forget how to play. Its been slow. Clearly Holmes needs touches (although on 2-3 of the receiver screens Holmes caught Josh was donwfield throwing killer blocks). I think we need to be patient with him, and allow our O-line to stablize.

Good Posts, I have been thinking the same things about Ranek and Holmes, I am also wondering why Radlein wasnt being used in short yardage. Goal to go from short yardage and Radlein should be automatic. I dont think Ronnie used him much in that situation last time he was coach either though.

Now is not really the time for patience. Right now winning isn't everything, it's the only thing, and Ranek must, needs to know this. Our O-Line won't stabilize, with another injury to our O-Line last night (the biggest blow of all, losing the back-bone of our line, Wayne Smith) our O-Line doesn't have enough time now "to gel". It's either play hard and succeed, or miss the playoffs and go home early.

Its sad when Maas(Quarterback) has more yards rushing then your main rusher Ranek!

Ranek is not the problem rather our offense rots plain and simple. Our oline is absolutely horrible to the point no player no matter how good he is is going to succeed very well. Case in point Ranek and Maas. This team has the receivers, qb's and rb's to be a top offensive team.

The oline opens no holes for running and I don't believe they provide Maas with enough time to throw deep passes.

However, the root of the offensive problems is PaoPao. I was happy to see him get the boot in Ottawa and I will be happy to see him get it Hamilton too. While he may be a nice guy/good person his offensive systems are subpar and have not been successful at the CFL level for some time now. For further evidence on that one check the Renegades record while he was the coach.

Frankly, his offense is as bad or worse then Barrissi's was.

PaoPao = Barrissi = Terrible.

Maas has good protection, it looks like he doesn't because he does have to scramble a lot, but this is do to the fact that the receivers can't get open. If Ranek isn't finding holes, run outside. Holmes isn't having any trouble find holes, making plays, gaining yards. Paopao runs a different style offense, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. I think he should change somethings up, it'd help the team. Anyways, good luck to the Cats

his problem is his number change :lol:

Good point on the O line--i think it was Paul Brown or Woody hayes that said does not matter what level you are playing at Pee-wee up to professional, if you can't blow people off the ball you are never going to win so lets just say for now I don't think the Ti-cats line is putting the fear of God in to any of the other teams defense--But think positive maybe that will change and they will get better in each passing week-I HOPE

I live in hope to!!!

Come on folks, it's been mentioned many times already.

Radlein isn't being used in short yardage situations for the same reason Ranek is under performing.


There is only one returing player from last year, and they need time as a unit.

I think this is also why the short passing game is there.

Ranek has been a major disappointment to me this season, also so has DJ. He just doesn't seem to be in the game this year, critical drops that never used to happen, I won't derail this thread into a Yeast-Flick thing, but so far Yeast has been the better of the 2 IMO

Please name one Flick "Drop" this year.

Its kinda hard to drop a ball when its constantly underthrown, or overthrown when he has his guy beat.

Sorry but as much as DJ's numbers arent there, i dont believe its his fault.

How many balls get thrown to the wideouts per game?

I too was expecting much bigger things from Ranek than what we've seen this season so far. I have a theory, but I'm certainly no football X and O expert...

I suspect that with Maas working almost exclusively from the shotgun and Ranek having to take the handoff from a standstill deep in the backfield that Josh is struggling to hit any hole that might have been there at the right time. I suspect that this formation is extremely different than under centre for an inside the tackles RB.

Anyone else sense that this could be contributing to Ranek's struggles?

Rushing wise, that is a possibility. Though we haven't seen much receiving wise from Ranek either. Something's up with him, and it needs to be fixed.

Ranek misses Joseph those 2 fed off eachother litterally.

I know what you mean, but I'm not so sure that's the problem for a couple of reasons.

  1. Ranek is no stanger to a Joe Pao Pao offence and it probably isn't much different than what he's used to with Kerry Joseph in Ottawa.

  2. The shotgun is a passing formation so the defence will tend to look for the pass first, so any hand off in the shotgun is akin to the conventional draw play that tries to catch the defence setting up for a pass play.

I would like to express my most vehement disagreement!

Baressi = bad offense

Pao Pao = exciting, creative and unpredictable.

However, we do need some long passes to stretch the defence.

Concerning the several 3rd and ONE yard situations vs Calgary.

We weren't handing off to Julien because the best call
is for the QB to take the snap and immediately push forward,
especially when you have with a big strong QB to do that.

Therefore, the O-line doesn't have to hold their blocks long.
There is no danger of the hand-off being mis-handled.
and most importantly, there is a one yard space in front of our O-line.

This is the CFL..not the NFL

#30 will be available very soon :thup: