Josh Ranek

I don't know what happened to this guy.

He was awesome. Where is he now? Anybody?

Let go from the Esks prior to the start of the season.....don't believe anyone has picked him up.

I would sign him.

we dont need him

Good RBs seem to have a tendancy to fall off the map even after successful seasons. Ranek, Troy Davis, Antonio Warren, soon to be John Avery.

Really good RBs go forever: Pringle and now Charles Roberts.

I really think this year we're seeing a new generation of authentically superior athletes at RB. Ebell, Imoh, Lumsden & the new guys in Saskatchewan (names escape me).

Ranek was cut and not signed by anyone due to his tendancy for major injuries. Sure he was a great running back, but no team wants their number one guy to be injured as much as he would be.

Nice try you forgot Reynolds and Joe Smith, The guy in Rider land is Wes Cates and Henri Childs.

I love that the Riders made that trade. Wes Cates is crazy good

Josh Ranek???
Antonio Warren???
Troy Davis???
Nate Davis???

All victims of salary cap? Have any of these guys turned up on a practice roster?

Yikes, Add Duncan O'Missy and we can almost re-build the Ottawa franchise!

:wink: :wink:

Can also add coaches, Mathews and Paopao.

:wink: :wink:

Welcome Back Ottawa! :wink:

Although a valid assumption, I don’t think the Esks necessarily cut Ranek because of his history of major injuries. He sustained a hamstring injury early in camp and was unable to compete. The injury never came around and they ran out of time and had to declare a roster. Combine that with the emergence of Ebell and the writing was on the wall.

McClendon never did win the job outright. It was given to him by default because they had no other experienced back in camp to compete. As it sits today, the Eskimos still don’t have a running game and I’m not quite sure who or what to blame.

There have been injuies on the Oline and it seems like they stopped trying to run the ball after the first game. Whatever the reason, we have no running game at the moment. Maybe they shouldn’t have been so hasty with Ranek, who knows?


They may be keeping tabs on him and should his injury heals, who knows? They may bring him back.

SHH!!! Don’t give any of those crazy expansion people any ideas!

Mclendon did not look good at all last game, and I thought it was a mistake to take Ebell out of the starting spot after his impressive play.

8 Carries 12 yards for Ronnie Mclendon last game.

Yeah, but in Mclendon's defense, it's not like Edmonton had their greatest outing at all...

Thats okay, Ottawa is acceptable. :slight_smile: Saskatoon, Kelowna, Victoria, Red Deer, Brandon and US cities are the ones that have me rolling my eyes! :roll: :roll:

Thats true. But I the thought of expansion unleashes ideas of crazy places getting a team lol

Thats okay jman.....Good thing the BOG ignore the goofy expansion proposals.