Josh Ranek

Hey Just wondering, what would you guys think of putting this guys in our backfield. I dunno i've always been a big fan of this guy and personaly would love to see him there.


RB's seem to be one of those positions that has a large pool to draw from... I like Ranek too, but I dont think he would make our team any better than it is now.

We'll see. Isn't Ranek a Tillman guy?
Good ballplayer, and as KK will almost certainly explore his NFL options, I would not be surprised to see him here.
I think he would fit into our offense fairly well, and he is only 28 so he has a few good years left.

I have no objection what soever if Tillman brings him in....Hell... we could rename ourselves the Renegades if it meant winning with some consistancy and taking us to the promise land.

I considered this... He maybe a tillman guy. With the possibility of KK out, I wouldnt mind Ranek back there... But I'm liking Bracey anyway so i dont feel a 'need' to have him.. Sure I think it would help our backfield if / when KK were to leave...

Just to clarify, I don't mind/care if Tillman keeps bringing in Ottawa guys, as long as they are good players.
Roy and Danny brought in lots of ex-Stamps when they came in as well.
It always happens. Players and coaches/GMs develop loyalties and that is okay.
As long as we don't get any BK Williams like in Matthew's two and a half years....

Tillman's history is, he likes veteran guys and so he will recruit from other teams. Roy liked to bring in his own guys.
I don't care as long as we win.

Granted, the guy plays for Hamilton, but he only has an average of 4 yards per carry this year, 5.4 yards per carry in 2005 and 4.8 in 2004.

Not as good as what we have had here, so based on that, I would say nope, there has to be better. Dorsey has a better average, at 5 yrds, and it's his rookey year.

Dorsey? its not dude rookie year... maybe you mean Shemar Bracey...

Sorry, I thought it was Dorsey's rookie year. I like Bracey better as well, I'm just saying that Dorsey had a better year than Ranek, so what does that say bout him. Maybe it was an off year, but I wouldn't want to risk it.

Well Josh Ranek was pretty good in Ottawa. And depending on what happens with KK...

Do you mean KD Williams?

you are talking linebacker, I am talking receiver.
BKWilliams played for Matthews in BC and the Riders, and maybe a couple of other teams--just seemed to follow him around.
Great receiver. Fast, big, physical.
Only one small problem.
He couldn't catch the ball.
The more wide open he was, the less likely he was to catch the dang thing.

KK had some bright spots this year but I'm not sure the NFL will be ready to snap him up. KK is just too light - the NFL wants tanks behind the QB.

So.....kinda like Jason French.....minus the fast, big and physical part.

Why dont you try out? :lol:

Hey Riderfan 17, it would be sweet to have Josh Ranek in our backfield, also he is available. :rockin:

I'd be scared to sign Ranek, considering the hefty salary he signed with Hamilton. Believing that Tillman wants to save cap room, he may decide to go the college route for new players next year!

just keep bracey... he's proven he has lots of potential and can carry the rock / load

I miss Corey!!!