Josh Ranek

I see a lot of people jumping on the Jesse Lumsden bandwagon and thats ok. He did help us beat Edmonton and I do enjoy him looking for holes and madly penetrating them. However, I ask how would Josh Ranek do if fully healthy under a Sal coached o- line. How would Ranek do against a team that is also struggling and is ranked 7th against the run.

I do remember a time not long ago when Ranek ran for three consecutive 1000 yard seasons before joining the Ticats. I remember watching Ottawa play and he was quite a force. So at the age of 28, i guess he is now washed up. hmmmmm i dont know ....Has Ranek been fully healthy and has he had a descent shot to show his stuff. We all know that the 7 games prior to the Winnipeg game were he had a break out performance of 164 yards that the rb's were not given enough touches. I think it averaged 10-12 carries per game versus the 30 he had in Winnipeg where he gained 164 yards rushing. Has he been given enough chances. Remember people that Winnipeg is not edmonton. At that time they were ranked 1 against the run under DC greg marshalls system. Basically they only allowed a league low of 56 yards rushing per game at that time.

Dont get me wrong I have been frustrated with result of Raneks performance this year however I also ask if you really think he should go. Is he really that bad? I rather not see him leave. He is signed for three years and if we do trade him I hope we do not give him away as I personnally still believe that a healthy Josh Ranek is a valuable asset on any team in the CFL.

Should have tried to trade Ranek this year for possibly a receiver or other area of your team that needs addressing. It's still possible for the Ticats to play the playoffs this year!!

How on earth would they find room for all of Holmes, Lumsden, and Ranek? If all 3 are on the team what roles do you give all 3? The writing is on the wall for Ranek probably.

Ranek is a proven, experienced player in this league. The reasons why he didn't excel in Hamilton this year are that Paopao's system stunk, Coach K's schemes opened up zero holes for a RB to run through, and Ranek suffered a nagging injury in the first game of the season that he probably STILL isn't quite healed from. You can never have enough weapons in this league. So I'll be very disappointed in the Ticats just cut Ranek or trade him for a draft pick. He can contribute next year.

#1 He is another year older

#2 This year He has added a few more injuries to his already long list.

His longevity at that type of physical position is going to become short lived.

Sure Josh has alot of big plays in him yet but to balance out his injury time to his playing time in the future will be the big question.

We already have


I see Ranek and either Aidoo or Radlein gone to Ottawa in the dispersal draft

Ranek - Import
Lumsden - Canadian

All things being equal Lumsdens value is 10 times that of an Import back. Even if its close Lumsdens value is double that of an import. Even if Lumsden is clearly inferior his value is high enough that he will find a spot on the starting roster at some other position.

Nuff said

I ask the question how do you give all of Ranek, Holmes, and Lumsden a role if you keep Ranek? Lumsden and Holmes will certainly want to play a big role in the team next year and the team will probably want them to as well. So how do you fit Ranek in anywhere?

He would probably rather go to another team himself.

I think Josh Ranek is still a very capable RB in this league, and that he can make a good contribution in Hamilton. Having said that, with Lumsden's return we do have an excess of backs and at least one will need to be moved. Josh should attract significant trade interest if that's the way the club wants to go, though personally I would rather see Lumsden take Aidoo's spot on the roster.

Talk of him (or anyone else) going to Ottawa in a draft is a bit premature, to say the least. There haven't even been many good rumours out there lately about Ottawa's return. It is now fall.... to have an owner, management team and coaching staff in place by early spring at the latest will be pretty difficult for 2007.

there will be no ottawa team in 07

I agree. Ranek is a PROVEN CFL back. And like others have mentioned, he never did enjoy the benefits of running between your re-constituted O-line. Those 5 guys you started the season with were pretty ineffective. My guess is that Ranek would've been more like the Gades back that we've seen in Ottawa for the past couple of years. Still, with Lumsden in the backfield, Ranek becomes somewhat redundant (and expensive).

It's looking more and more like Ottawa won't be back until 2008. Too bad because you probably could've gotten more than market value for Ranek in Ottawa. Given his proven track record, I think he'd still bring something useful in a trade. Even a high Canadian college draft pick or someone off another team's neg list. However, you slice it, Ranek is still an asset.

An Argo fan

dont worry fairfield ranek's 150 yard vs winnepeg were lucky. remember only one player on this team can be catipulted to greatness with 44yds on 20 carries. you can keep your ranek.

Well said. I hope they can find a way to use Ranek next year.

It doesn't matter how Ranek does. It's just clearly a better decision to keep lumsden around for as long as possible instead of trying to keep an import happy. Trade him, and I wish him all the best.

Keep Ranek in Hamilton.
The guy is a proven quality player in this league. Sure he's had a off year....injuries, poor line play, whatever, he still has a ton of talent. It never hurts to have two quality import rb's, other teams seem to be able to handle it.
Next year the offense should be much improved. Holmes, Ranek and Lumsden should all be impact players for this team.
Let's not run this guy out of town, let the new head coach make the decision who stays and who goes. :cowboy:


If Ranek stays and plays well over the final two years of his contract, he would be worth signing again.
Lumsden, however, has a two year plus one year option contract. If he plays well, he will definitely try his hand in the NFL again.
I would be very careful with Lumsden as he still wants to play NFL ball and with the money differential, who can blame him.
Ranek is too small for the NFL and will certainly play out his football days in the CFL.

I wouldn't make any decisions on running backs, or for that matter, any team positions until I see them perform in next year's training camp.