Josh Ranek status?

Just wonering what Josh Ranek's up to, is he still a free agent? Are any teams talking with him?

I think he's a great running back and would be a good addition to any team that needs one.

I believe he is on sask's practice roster. He was a good player and isn't over the hill yet at age 29, a team like Edmonton or Toronto could sure use him.

...nope, he's not on the Riders' PR...haven't heard a thing about him since November...

We are slowly turning into the NFL

short and stocky

In a recent article, Perry Lefko referred to Ranek as "now-retired".

I think his last stop was with the Esks ?

Not unless he was there in pre-season this year...he was picked up by the Riders close to the end of the season last year, when Cates hurt his foot...stayed there until the Grey Cup...

Thanks jm02, I must have been thinking the year before.

He got concussed pretty badly against Calgary, in the West semi. Apparently not his first one, and may be a factor in his retirement.