Josh Ranek: Bomber killer

Damn Ranek! Makin' that Bomber D look pretty porous!!

EE, excuses will come later.

I like how the Winnipeg time keepers ran out the clock before the half. There was clearly at least 2 seconds left on the clock.

I guess that's home field advantage. Cheaters.

Winnipegs offence is Milt Stegal. Without him they are nothing.

I think the Refs missed a facemask penalty on Hamilton... thats why Winnipeg is losing right now..

Yeah the refs....again... :roll:

Ranek ran through 3 Bomber defenders on that TD!

So that's it? All you have to do against the Bombers, is either:

  • Be the Alouettes
  • Run while they don't have a QB...

Piece of cake... :cowboy:

Oh man, the excuses are going to fly if the Cats pull this one off.

This could be the start of the Bombers loosing streak...

The great thing about the Cats winning is that it could lead to the Argos not making the playoffs.

Now, if only Edmonton could miss them...




that was pretty rediculous. how does audio trouble affect a VIDEO replay, anyway?

Bombers or Canad Inns should be fined huge for that. Only in Winnipeg. What kind of technical morons do they have in Winnipeg.

First the time clock now this? This is a disgrace.

Actually I would rather see one of them crossover!

Well EE, any receiver can make the Eskimos secondary look bad, all they have to do is catch the ball... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Huh? I think your post is a little off topic.

I think the problem was that they couldn't get them to run the replays from upstairs. They couldn't communicate with the replay booth.

A complete disgrace.

Ranek is ebmerassing the Winnipeg D.

its hillarious sambo, you talk more shit about the eskies then you do about your own team,

nab you must realy be jealous and hate us..