Josh Portis

Signed with the seahawks, how did he get out of his argo deal?

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Pretty odd as he was only signed on the 8th of March...

He was the seahawks 3rd stringer this past NFL season, but the Hawks just traded their backup Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders. They probably approached the Argos about them releasing Portis to re-sign with the Seahawks b/c now he has a legit chance at winning the backup job there. Classy move by the Argos to let him out of his contract only a few weeks after signing.

I'm sure if this occurred during the CFL season though the Argos would probably be less likely to grant his release.

Stopping someone from being in the big league would not be good. They would not want to be here anyways, so let them go. I wonder if the argos made a few bucks off it.

The Argos seem to be making a habit of releasing signed players to go to the NFL. It may seem classy but I think the Argos are doing this as a way of attracting players. The sales pitch being, "Come sign with us for the minimum two years but, if you get a legitimate offer to go south we will release you, no strings attached" :wink: "And you can come back here if it doesn't work out"

So if the player has a choice between the Argos and say the Ticats (who so far are keeping Chris Williams to his contract) who do you think the player will sign with?

What is the point of having contracts if this is going to happen? There really is no commitment by the player to the team or league, in fact I think a legal argument could be made by any player that the Argos would not release to go to the NFL that "why did you let that player go but not me."

To stop this from happening, the CFL should put a rule in place whereby if a team releases a player from his contract to allow him to tryout for an NFL team, the released player could not resign with the same CFL club that released the player from his contract if he was cut in the NFL.

It may not stop it from happening, but teams may think twice before letting the player go because they would not get him back.

As long as the TEAM can release non-veteran players with no notice and no reason why should they player NOT expect a bit of leeway if a better offer comes along. There is zero moral high-ground for a team to argue over this type of move.

No football contract is guaranteed in either league. So if a better offer comes to a player who is under contract, his current team should let him go? What is the point of the contract then?

Aside from a team’s wilful release of any player who signed a contract, perhaps though a new CFL prospect and player signs for a minimum of two years, if the player does so in the offseason and then changes his mind far enough in advance of the CFL training camp including getting the opportunity to go the NFL, perhaps such a condition for an early “change of heart” is written into the contract.

In such a case, the CFL team has made a minimum investment in such a player and had the opportunity to at last have a hold of him should the NFL, as is the case most of the time, not come back calling.

Furthermore, I think the biggest reason for this move back to the NFL and for all the abnormal free agent QB activity in the NFL is the dire shortage in pro QBs as began in my view in earnest in about 2010 and is discussed at length in two other threads in the “Other Leagues” section:

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The Argos have taken on a unique strategy here and it was really huge last year as if there was no rookie Armstead in the Middle of that DLine the Argos may not have reached the Grey Cup.
As for Josh Portis the very wealthy NFL came to the Argos for Portis specifically so I would Imagine in a situation like this there would have been some sort of Monetary buyout of his Argos contract so it makes like a trade from the CFL Argos goes Josh Portis to the NFL Seahawks for $$$. Really not anything wrong with that and the Argos made a few bucks on the deal.

He is still listed on the Argos roster page… Will be interesting to see what happens over the next month.

Huge difference between him being a couple months from e-camp vs the ball already rolling. It was a good thing of them to do, I mean, he has probably never even seen their playbook yet.

I don't think there were any financial considerations involved. It was reported that Portis had a stipulation in his contract that he'd be released if he got an NFL offer before the Argos training camp.

The league should censure the Argos for these NFL escape clauses in their contracts. The CFL mandates minimum 2-year contracts for a good reason and doesn't want rent-a-players who can leave for the NFL before their contract is up...or in the case of David Allen released during the CFL season because on a NFL offer (which happened while Barker was the Personelle director in Calgary). :roll:

That is a good point not sure if escape clauses are actually allowed but if a team and a player come to a handshake agreement right now it is within the rules that a team can release a player at anytime most times it is not in favor of the players as it leaves him jobless usually the Argos are doing in favor of the players favor.
Just throwing it out there especially for the option 3rd year. Perhaps if both the team and the player agree the CFL can make a deal with the NFL to buy out a players contract dollar for dollar before CFL training camp begins. It would be like a trade between the CFL team to an NFL team. The NFL team gets the player they want in the 3rd option year and CFL will be compensted in $$$ for the trade

That's exactly what the CFL proposed, that the NFL pay a fee to sign option-year CFL players. The only problem was the NFL wasn't interested. They already have a farm system in the NCAA and can sign CFL free agents if they want...without paying any fees or compensation. The CFL decided to do away with the option year NFL tryouts after the NFL rejected their proposal.

The CFL should make their player contracts fully if a player is released, another CFL can claim him and the terms of the contract are fully enforceable. This way a player like Armstead (and his contract) could be claimed by another CFL team, preventing him from leaving for the NFL until he becomes a free agent.

This would dissuade American players from signing in the CFL unless they were willing to commit for a minimum of 2-years...resulting in more roster stability and fewer rent-a-players.

Afrer thinking about this these are really the exceptions and not the rule when it comes to CFL imports or even non imports. Players are becoming wise to the the system works a little bit better. Shawn Gore decided against the NFL as he could see he would most likley just be a practice roster guy at best and stayed. Exceptions like Armstead was a unique case. As for Williams live and learn imports will be a little more wise now to sign a one plus one option contract instead of two plus one. If CFL teams want the players they will not try to strong arm them into a two plus one. Not that that is what happend to Williams as I a am sure he was just happy to sign to play at the time. For a minimal 48K contract players will begin to turn again to the Arena League espesially young rookies out of college where the Arena Leaage is now like an extension of playing in college without the classes. Room and Board and low pay for living expenses during the season while still getting exposure

Steve and all, my understanding, as also cited by Xvys, is that now a minimum 2+1 (option year) term is required on all new contracts offered. This requirement was changed in 2011 I do believe, and there was a old thread in which there was much discussion on the topic.

I'm not clear on the nature of any exceptions as would make these new contracts merely a 1+1 or allow for such an option.

Huh, well I did not realize that was the case in 2011 and 2012. With the new CBA coming up I do not seeing an option year/NFL deal like before but I do see the compromise being a player can sign a one plus one option being the compromise.

Yes the "compromise" you cite, and as is a misnomer when you examine the historical context, is a return to the prior status and a subject of hot debate on here too.

My position is for the current 2+1 and status quo like that of Xvys and others:


For me two plus one will not in anyway keep the CFL from getting some very talented import players maybe just not rookies straight out of University. As I mentioned earlier in this thread the Imports that have gone through there 3 or 4 years on a rookie contract as back ups, special teamers, and or Practice rosters unable to find the right fit and needed to make room for more rookies seem to be working out much better for the CFL. these players are coming to the CFL in there prime 25 or 26 years old and the CFL is there career choice with the NFL already behind them. Simpson, Sheets, Watkins, Burnett, Fulton, Thompson to name just a few this season have become immediate CFL stars and will not be returning to the NFL.
The Modern CFL import comes to the CFL with a ton of talent and a few years of pro experience in the NFL and are not in the CFL to use it as a stepping stone to the NFL but are in the CFL to play football in Canada now.
Korey Sheets who did not receive any awards or nominations but had a year as good as 3 of the 4 all star RBs and better than the 4th.
Playing in the NFL keeps him from a rookie status which he really is not a rookie but perhaps updatd the CFL awaerds with a Newcomer of the year as I can see more players like sheets and the rest coming.
I would guess we may see some arise at DE in Saskatchewan who may fit the bill this year. Thats my early prediction. Also look for some CBs or HBs as well who have been Nickel and dime backs in the NFL.

The CFL already requires all players to go through waivers prior to being released OR if the option year on their contract is not picked up.
So that means for guys like Armstead he had to go through waivers before he could sign in the NFL, the thing is CFL teams don't tend to pick guys up on waivers.

IF the option year comes back it should be ONLY for 2+1 or longer deals, not for 1+1 deals.
A transfer fee would be nice, even if it's just league to league not team to team.
The issue is getting the NFL to agree that is unlikely, although I'd be just as happy if instead of a transfer fee the NFL had to cut down their rosters to 70 + draft picks by June 15th, after a mini-camp in late May/early June, to speed up when guys return to the CFL, if that first round of NFL cuts could be back by June 15th it would before CFL TC's even end and there is no real good reason why NFL rosters need to be 90 for TC that's just excessive it just means the NFL is looking for training camp fodder so bring in the option year now without a transfer fee and they are signing guys to be training camp fodder.
The option window would be worse now then it was with the old option rule as NFL TC size expended from 80 to 90 in 2012