Josh McDaniels gambles too much

This guy is worse than Belichick. Twice in the Indy game he had an opportunity to put 3 points on the board, but instead he gambled both times and the Broncos turned the ball over on downs. The score could've been 20-19 at one point, but instead it was 20-13, and then 27-13, and that was Game Over.

He reminds me of Richie Hall... he's a better coordinator than a head coach.

As I wrote a friend this morning, think the Broncos miss Brandon Marshall?

Every solid NFL team needs a feature or star tall receiver for the red zone over the haul of the season, and the only two they have in rookie Demaryius Thomas (on whom I was never sold as "Armchair GM") and Jabar Gaffney don't cut it. Having a tall tight end is not enough either lest you have an athletic one too.

The Broncos drafted also Eric Decker in their to fill the massive void to be left by the unhappy Marshall, but he's been injured seriously since he was drafted and is still recovering.

Interestingly, receivers 6-0 with hops for the red zone is becoming more and more the case I have observed this season in the CFL and have commented repeatedly in other threads.

Denver's offence is lacking a bit this season, there's no question. However, if they'd kicked the two field goals instead of going for it on fourth down, the score would've been 20-19. The Broncos had two opporunities to put points on the board, and McDaniels opted to gamble instead. I mean, Denver not having any stars is even more reason to grab whatever points you can. Needless to say, I didn't agree with either decision.