Josh Gordon

Read an article today showing the NFL superstar wr tried to play in the CFL this year after getting handed his year long suspension for smoking a joint.

Shame the NFL won't let him come up here, which I guess is a small blessing since Calgary's hands are all over this guy.

But good news for the CFL in that young superstars would consider coming here even if temporarily.

Dudes a beast. He would absolutely tare up the CFL.

Wouldn't matter if the both Browns and the NFL allowed him to play up here. Unless the Browns release him from his contract, the CFL won't let him play up here.

I’d think the same, but for some reason the CFL has allowed Toronto to sign suspended NFL player Lavon Brazill. He was released by his team, but that shouldn’t affect his “NFL suspension” status. Was the “Ricky Williams” rule the CFL supposedly adopted just a bunch of hot air?

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The CFL rule only prevents teams from signing players who are under contract elsewhere, not players who are suspended by another league. Ricky Williams was suspended by the NFL, but was still under contract with his NFL team, but was allowed to play here. That was the loophole that was closed.

Lavon Brazill was released by the Colts, making him eligible to play here. Josh Gordon has not been released by the Browns, only suspended by the team and the league, so he is not eligible to play in the CFL. If the Browns release him, then he could play here.

Yah heard the same thing. The Brownies have done some silly things with their talented players in past but this would cause fans to riot.

Still makes me feel pretty good that the CFL can attract these types of players, even if temporarily.

Still ridiculous that a wife beater gets 2 games and a joint smoker gets 1 year.

Yup. I guess there’s nothing in the NFL players’ contracts that says they’re not allowed to be criminals. Just not allowed to take drugs.

Gordon didn't help his cause with two legal issues as his case dragged on. He was charged with drunken driving after his arrest in Raleigh, North Carolina, on July 5. In May, he was stopped for speeding in Strongsville, Ohio, and one of the passengers in his car was cited for marijuana possession.

Actually, this is literally true. The substance abuse policy was included in the collective bargaining agreement between the Players’ Association and the league, while the personal conduct policy was implemented by the league alone. So it’s much easier to suspend a player for substance abuse violations, because the union has already agreed to a pre-determined severity of punishment, while any suspension for “conduct detrimental to the league” is at risk for resistance from the union.

I agree that it’s dumb, but it’s also right there in their contract.

interesting, thank Davey

I just wonder how many games Josh would have got had his qb been ohh say Brady or P Manning?