Josh Bourke

I wonder if the Cats have any interest in the Canadian left tackle recently released by the Argos or has he run out of gas? If he is still able to contribute at a reasonable price, then we could be moving toward an all Canadian Oline. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Bourke would be a great option, but as you say "at a reasonable price", not anywhere near the $200K he made last year.
Maybe Bomben could have a chat with him

I really don't think that Joshie will be signing anytime soon with us here in Hamilton...........apparently he doesn't like us too much :twisted: :lol:

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Bourke grows up in Windsor and hates Hamilton. That's priceless. Overpriced and over the hill.

right back at ya Joshie !!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: now go get yer shine box !!! :lol: :rockin:

It's hard to imagine the Argos dumping Bourke if he lived up to the high expectations they had for him. It certainly wasn't a ratio move. Must have been related to (a) performance, (b) injuries, (c) salary cap, or (d) a younger player they liked better at the position.

Film review will tell our team's management if it's (a), and if it is I'm sure they will take a pass. If it's (b), one thing we know is that anyone who has ever been injury-prone only sees that problem get worse when they join the Ticats. We can manage (c), and (d) is an Argo-specific situation - I don't think O-line depth is a strength of ours.

Agreed Bourke doesn't really care much for Hamilton, maybe that was all too much Argo hype from last year and his high priced salary?

If you need a job reality sets in pretty quick and can make you forget about who you hate and who you don't?


(c) Ils l'ont libéré pour se donner de l'espace sous le plafond salarial pour embaucher Willy.

Yea...don't forget ...this is "entertainment". If he wants to play...he will like us if offered a job. Besides, it's closer to home than Toronto or Montreal.

I seem to remember Chad Owens hating Hamilton too!

No thanks! keep his Hamilton hating ass in Windsor! He's done anyways! Montreal let him leave and Toronto dumped him/

In this league, it's so small, doesn't pay to burn bridges. Bourke is advanced in age and maybe his skills have eroded to the point that he is not as good as he used to be. He was released so quickly by the Argos, you wonder if they looked at any recent film or did any homework before they signed him.

I wouldn't want his worn out butt here. However, if Kent and his staff think he can help the Oline, they likely won't concern themselves with Bourke's rants. That matter can be clarified with a phone call.

Burning Bridges is not a career extending move.
Let him sign elsewhere.
Imagine Not liking Hamilton and coming from Windsor. Hmmm.
That's a head scratcher.

In his defense, after living in Montreal for majority of his career, then Toronto for a year...I don't know if I'd want to go back to living in Windsor or Hamilton either lol

It's a joke people...relax, I love Hamilton.