Josh Boden

what happened to josh bowden

Josh Boden is on the practice roster. He is only in his second year of Junior, so he has a few years to go. But he has so much raw talent that he could be used if the Lions have some injuries.

If Thelwell can't go on Friday, they may activate Boden for that game.

Now with the injury to Simmonds, I'm surprised Boden didn't draw in. (Import / Non Import issue?)

I thought I saw Boden on special teams but I could be wrong. Any one know if he is on the active roster?

yes he is on the active roster, and he has been on special teams all year long. He has been running alot more drills in practice and with injuries he may be seeing the field very soon. He definatly has the talent to play at this level, he just has to get the chance to go out there and show it.

and ps- guy who started this post, you totally spelt his name wrong! :slight_smile:

Thanks Lionsgirl for the info. I saw him play a few years ago when the Surrey Rams were in Kelowna. Terrific Receiver.

Mods, any chance of correcting the spelling on this topic header?

Your wish is my command....

hey sportsmen, were you at the cullen cup game in 2005 when u saw Josh play?? cause that was the most unbelievable game I have ever seen him play!!