Josh Boden, Another one bites the dust.....

Just to prove all teams are vulnerable to the Off field antics:

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Too bad, He was an up and commer. CKNW reported this morning that Wally will cut him because of this.

Can't wait to hear RLR defend this guy. Some people just waist their talent.

Funny thing Billy. Wally did everything to help this guy. He knew the back ground. Wally brought him to training camp as a Junior a couple of times so he could be "Guided" and "taken under the wing" by more mature vets.

He may catch on with another team. To bad some people don't realize the "gift" they have and use it accordingly.

He needs to get out of Vancouver and away from the negative influences he has spent his life around. Then "MAYBE" he will have a chance.

He had it pretty good in BC. He was a raw talent but he had some serious potential. I could see him going elsewhere in the CFL, but he still has aspirations for the NFL. Either way, the Lions always seem to find talent elsewhere. I still think without Boden they have the best Canadian talent in the CFL.

Couldn't have said it better, Sporty. A shame.

....Carson Graham H.S., says it all right there....

.....Windsor High!!!!....Class of '81, whoo hoo!!!....Go Dukes Go...we whomped the Carson Eagles consistently from '78 to '81...but then Handsworth would kick the livin snot out of us....

....and then we would all get our butts handed to us by Van Tech....swear to God the players on Van Tech had shivs....orangutans in football gear, tear you limb from limb...

....too bad on the BC ratio, what a dummy this Boden is...

They tried to help him, and i could tell that the Lions were very iffy about it, even though he's good. He blew it, i hate criminals.

...Wally has some prety strict rules....and this guy crossed him....i would say its bye-bye to the lions for Boden....but...possibly
hello, to the Ti-Cats, IF, Obie is willing to take a chance on him...he sure knows his potential...Too bad for the kid...i think he can kiss any thought of the nfl good-bye as well... :roll:

Wally seems to love scum bags he fits in very well with the Lions.

I didn't think it was possible, but 05 just might hate the Lions more than he hates the Riders. :o :lol:

now you are simply being assinine.

Chief, hate is such an ugly word. Dislike is much better. But it appears the Riders are on my xmas card list for this year. Wally the dirt bag is not.

He needs to get out of Vancouver and away from the negative influences he has spent his life around. Then "MAYBE" he will have a chance.
Once a bad apple, always a bad apple :roll: ...So much for his NFL career...more like, "you want fries with that"?

I have never been a fan of wally, but I will lay big odds that he is ten times better a human being than you are.

And I could say the same about you, FYB... but then I don't really know you, and you don't really know 05, so why don't we leave that kind of crap out of the discussion. Thanks.

only if the crap comment he made is also left out. Crap deserves crap.

Here we go again you like handing it out but do not like it when it comes back. To bad! The rider fans are going to have a holiday from me this year. I called it like I see it. Wally is a dirt bag for having his dirty players cheap shot others. How many fines did he pay out last year for opening his big mouth. How is that for crap there FYB.

I dont know what you are talking about re handing it out and coming back, but even though I do not agree with a lot of wally's decisions, such as playing JJ in the playoffs and so forth, he is not a dirt bag and anyone who says he is should take a long look in the mirror.

This is so disappointing. I really thought Josh would make much potential wasted. What a damn fool...<sigh.....>