Josh Bell

What's up with Bell? I noticed he wasn't out on the field last game (@ SK)... Chism was. Looking at the Lions roster today, he isn't listed anywhere. Does anyone know what's up?

On the transaction wire:

BC TRF TO INJURED IMP Josh BELL (DB) Baylor - to Thursday, October 24

Thanks! Interesting that it’s noted in the transactions, but he is not listed on the injury list…

Bell got hurt late in the previous game, against Calgary. That's why you didn't see him in Mosaic the following week.

That injury forced Wally to put Bell on the one-game injured last; hopefully he'll be good to go this week. So Wally and the coaching staff activated PR player Cameron Chism, to man Bell's wide side corner spot. That move also necessitated a second change in the BC secondary to adhere to the ratio, a player whose name I can't recall as I write this post. Not sure of Bell's status for the Edmonton game on Friday. I hope this answers your question. By the way, has anybody seen Bell practicing this week? How about you, Beag?

A bit more on the ratio. The CFL player ratio demands that of the twelve players on any given play, a maximum of seven may be imports and the other five must be Canadians. I don't believe there's any prohibition against using, say, six imports and six Canadians, or seven Canadians and five imports, but the opposite is a ten-yard penalty for an "unauthorized person on the field". (See ... k_2011.pdf)

Any CFL official worth his stripes is alert enough to notice when a coach tries to slip an extra import onto the field before a critical play. One wonders how many times it's been done and gotten away with. Kind of like Don Cherry's sneaking a seventh p[layer on to the ice during their cup final series in the 1970s.

In the immortal words of former Rider safety Glen Suitor: " If you're not cheatin', you're not tryin'." Amen brother!

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

" By the way, has anybody seen Bell practicing this week? How about you, Beag?"

Can't add anymore than you already have Dooger. :frowning:

Why would any other change be required due to the ratio? Bell and Chism are both imports, no net result in ratio due to this change.

I don't now Rob. I just heard it mentioned during the game broadcast. -Dooger :cowboy: