Josh Bartel

This guy looks like a keeper. Just checked the punting stats on The Scratching Post and he clearly outclassed Maveety and Congi in the punting department. Very consistent with a great average. Hopefully he can placekick just as well. If not we should keep him for punting since he has non-import status.

Here's what Drew Edwards wrote on the blog:

Josh Maveety
Six punts: 47, 35, 50, 35, 45 and 37 yards. 41.5 yard average. One kick had substantial hang time.

Josh Bartel
Six punts: 40, 49, 49, 45, 48, and 47 yards. 46.3 yard average. Five of his kicks had substantial hang time.

Luca Congi
Three punts: 41, 37, and 47 yards. 41.6 yard average. One kick had substantial hang time

He looked very good on punts. Some great hangtime and excellent distance. Don't know if he's going to get any looks at placekicker, because when the kickers were working on their own, only Maveety and Congi were placekicking. But since he's a non-import, keeping him as just a punter is not a bad idea.

Anyone have an idea why the team wouldn't have him work on placekicking with Congi and Maveety?

Yes, I have an idea. When they signed Bartel they said he would be brought in strictly as a punter since he last played Austrailian Rules football. Waste of time to try and turn the kid into a placekicker now. If he can punt very well and make the team as a punter only then that would be great.

Bartel is coming over from Australia so placekicking is a skill that will be completely foreign to him. Making a few adjustments from Aussie Rules to be a gridiron punter is one thing, it might even be an advantage, but I doubt he could waltz in here and kick field goals at a pro level in such a short time.

I do wonder though, I’ve looked it up and it would appear that the salary floor in the AFL is almost twice the salary cap of the CFL with roughly the same size roster. In fact, apparently the average AFL salary is over $200k, whereas its around $90k in the CFL. I assume as a rookie punter he will be on the lower end of that scale too.

It looks like he’ll be our punter this year but it does seem like this guy is either in the NFL soon or he’s going home, unless he simply couldn’t make an AFL roster, in which case, maybe we should start training all kickers by making them take up Aussie Rules?

Aussie Rules is a great training ground for punters. They learn to kick it on the run, for distance and accuracy, from all over the field. There's even an Ontario amateur league. If you ever get a chance to take in a game, it's very entertaining.

I was surprised to see the post above about the salary structure there. I believe Aussie Rules has lost some ground in popularity to rugby over the years in Australia-- both Rugby Union (what we saw in the World Cup recently) and Rugby League (a modified version that has a little faster pace)-- though they still get some great crowds for big games. So I might have guessed there wasn't the money for $200K minimum salaries. Good for them they can pay at that level.

I agree with others here.. no point trying to make Bartel a place-kicker. That's a technique unused in the game he has played. He's a fine punter though. Interesting to hear his comments on Ticats TV about the differences in punting here vs. kicking at home. I'd love to see him make the team.

Some rugby players are great drop kickers.... I sometimes wonder why none of them are in NA football... not needing a holder would leave room for another blocker.

Lets not kid ourselves here, he's probably ONLY with the Ticats this year (unless he has a two year deal or something, i'm not sure) to hypothetically launch his career into the NFL. With the base salary in the NFL for rookies being $390,000 for 2012 and $405,000 for 2013, a tad higher than what rookies can make in the CFL . . . :lol:

If he averages 46.3 yards/punt this year with consistant 4.9+ hangtime punts, he'll be out of here faster than you can say salary cap. Hey, at least we'll potentially have a hard core punter for 2012 :thup: Who knows how he'll perform in a game though.....

If he performs well, you're probably right. Meantime, I'd love to see what he can do in the CFL.

I'm guessing he won't have much trouble adjusting to our game. Kick rushing pressure from the defence shouldn't be a big deal to him... in Oz he's had to kick it on the run with the defence chasing him hard all over the field. If our punt protection breaks down, I bet he can run it out of there and punt it no problem. Fake punts or downfield punts should be fun to watch with a guy like that.

He will be here for at least two years. A 1+1 is the minimum a player can sign for now, and with the option-year window that allowed players to try out for the NFL no longer open (exceptions are if a player's contract was signed prior to the new CBA in 2010), unless the team releases him, he's here for at least two seasons.

But I agree with your basic premise; he's off to the NFL (for at least a tryout) as soon as he can.

So? Isn't that the goal of pretty well every single player that signs in the CFL?

Have there been successful Aussie kickers in the NFL? Just becuase the guy can boot long long punts in practice doesn't mean he will be able to do it in game conditions. I will be interested to see what he does in the first pre-season game.


Thanks for the enlightenment!


Jy Bond, Matt McBriar, Sav Rocca, Ben Graham, Darren Bennett, Chris Bryan, Anthony Rocca, Colin Scotts, Colin Ridgeway to name a few…

I guess we can add Scott Crough and Bartel to the list if they crack their respective CFL lineups this season…

You could say that, but you'd be wrong. There are 12 people on that list of Aussies in the NFL. There are 16 players on this list of Canadians in the NFL

16 is greater than 12.

That may be, but punting an oblong ball is something Australians have been doing pretty much their whole lives, whether in Aussie rules or rugby. Not a huge surprise that they excel in that one specific skill.

The list of Canadians is current.
The list of Australians is all-time.
And the Australians all play(ed) one position that translates well from their version of football.
There's no comparison here.

Watching Bartel at camp yesterday, he took way too long to get the ball away. He's going to have a significant adjustment to make to deal with pressure.

Of course! I don't think anybody's knocking him for taking this chance. What's intriguing to me, and the reason I brought up the salaries of the AFL, is that unlike for most players where the CFL is the next best option, for Bartel it is actually his third best option. So I'd think he'd be out of here in a couple years whether he makes the NFL or not. I still want him on the team, its just an interesting dynamic.

Yes, for the most part. Don’t know why you’re so defensive about it. I never said it was a bad thing. Like any player, if he’s good enough to play in the NFL and make NFL money, I wish him well. I don’t hold it against anyone for wanting to maximize their income.

You raise an interesting point.

If the money’s best in the NFL, then it makes sense for him to leave Aussie Rules to try out there.

If the next best money is at home, then I can only think of two reasons he’d want to try the CFL instead: either he figures it’s a stepping stone to the NFL (an opinion which many CFL players share), or his athleticism isn’t enough to excel in Aussie Rules any longer (players there aren’t just punters, they run the field). So maybe that second best option isn’t really there for him.

Anyway, I hope he does great as a Ticat.