Joseph's knee..

What the hell is wrong with his knee?? Why is he still hurt and can't seem to heal from this injury? Everytime I see Joseph running and he starts to favor the knee I always ask myself, WHY THE HELL IS HE OUT THERE? I have no faith in Joseph if he isn't 100%. I also don't expect a win against Montreal this Monday. Riders will ALWAYS find a way to lose.

Yeah im not sure if joseph wears kneepads i saw a pic of him about to throw a football and looked like he didnt have any knee pads. like on saturdays game it was a knee on knee hit well why would that hurt with knee pads on and the other guy wasnt hurt

Everytime they interview Joseph all he has to say is "It is what it is" which is to say that there is nothing wrong with the thing. The real problem is about 3 feet higher and has to do with a few bad neurons.

Dont ride on Joseph, this guy is the best quarterback other than cough cough Burris we have seen since Kent Austin was here. The guy probably needs surgery on his knee to fix it, but they just don't want to let the media and other teams know. It would probably be season ending surgery I would imagine. Word has it his PCL is in bad shape to add to the bone bruise. I would be thinking there is probably a torn miniscus in there as well but I may be wrong. What ever it is the guy should have been pulled after he was injured against Calgary and had surgery done.

My question is Butler goes down, Joseph is obviously no where near 100%. Don't you have to go with Durrant once you are down 21-1 at the half. I don't know, all I know is that the last 2 losses just sealed Barretts fate with this team, their only out is to win the GC I think, and from what they look like at the moment my money is on a west semifinal exit, same old story.

I agree that Durant should have been put in at some point in the game yesterday. Given the Riders current injury situation at QB chances are pretty decent they will have to turn to him at some point this season so why not give him a little game time once the game was out of reach? Also, although it was good to see Joseph finally put the ball in the end zone in the fourth quarter he shouldn't have been playing at that point - why risk further injury when they have to go again in 4 days?

After that dismal performance I know what a Ticat fan must have been feeling most of the year (or a Stamps fan on Friday :lol:)

I'm not sure why Barrett hasn't tried to acquire some depth at backup QB with all the injuries.

And Joseph, as much as I like his scrambling ability and heart, has always been injury-prone. If Kerry Joseph is your starter, you'd better make damn sure you have a healthy backup at all times.

Is DB the GM? No... Eric Tillman is.

Oh, fer chrissake, guy, I know Tillman is the GM. But obviously the request for personnel comes from Barrett based on the team's needs. And I simply can't imagine Tillman ignoring Barrett if the latter is telling him that the Riders need another QB.

The Riders have 5 QBs in town, so how many do you think they might need?
And name the possible candidates that are better right now than what we have?
Even if you bring someone in, he isn't going to play.
Or if he does...say goodnight Gracie...

If they have 5 QBs in town, why was Kerry Joseph playing the remainder of Monday's game when it was clear the game was out of reach and all he was doing was aggravating his knee injury?

The question was about bringing in new QBs at this stage of the season.
Every QB in the league is playing hurt.
That is what players do.
Joseph will not likely get healthier this season.
If he can't play now, just take him off the roster, and wait for next year. That is your choice.
Players and coaches worry a lot less about injuries during a game than fans do.
Players always want to play, and coaches want players who want to play, even through injury.
The chances of Joseph actually aggravating the injury he has are not much higher than getting an injury at anytime during a game/season.
he got the knee on knee thing 2 games ago...that was a freak collision, and can end a guys career at any time...first play of a game/career, or last.
I think fans read way more into these things than is needed.
As for depth, as far as I know, Rocky is out, maybe for the season, but Crandel is back as the #2 guy.
You'll see jimmy Durante if is it is a rout, either way. At least that is my expectation.

I'll stand by my opinion that playing an injured Joseph when the game was out of reach was a boneheaded move. Throw Durant in there and give him some exposure to the same team he might have to face four days later.

I would have had Durant in there sooner myself, but not so much because I was concerned about injury, as much as just not having joseph be a huge bruise 4 days later--and all players are just one big bruise after a game.
But someone said put him in at the half because we were down 3 TDs?
I disagree with that.
Three touchdowns with an entire half to go is not insurmountable, but it likely is if you put in Durant.
Maybe by the 4th quarter....

But whether Barret gives a QB the hook or not will have little to no impact upon Tillman's decision to keep or not keep Danny.
Which of course is a moot point anyway, as Danny will likely not be fired--he will resign.