Joseph west nominee for MOP

Just received notice that Joseph is the west nominee for MOP. I'm surprized, but happy for him!

He was better than Joe Smith.

KJ = First Rider to win MOP since Lancaster.

Sucks that Fantuz didn't get the nod for Canadian, irks me that BC took every other nomination on the ballot, atleast Kerry squeaked in there.

Ya that’s kind of BS in my opinion Fantuz has had a break out season Clairmont had a few nice catches oh well maybe thats why im not on the voting panel at least Burris didnt make it HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Clermont deserved it, I can't help but think Fantuz would have had a much better shot if we still had something to play for the past 2 games as he hasn't played at all because of that.

Don't worry. Andy Fantuz is young, so he will have many seasons to win this award!

Fantuz and Clermont's stats are almost identical (according to TSN) but Fantuz has only played 15 games compared to Clermont's 17 games.

Same stats in two less games? Seems obvious to me...

I think it speaks volumes for our O-Line. Take a bow boys!!!


Clermont 1071
Fantuz 938

Clermont deserved it.

I agree with that. I think he should make up for it by winning the Outstanding Canadian award in the Grey Cup. :slight_smile:

Thank God Burris never got it! That was my worst nightmare.

I was rooting for Fred Perry to get the Defensive finalist. I'm still bitter about Brent Johnson getting it last year. Oh Well!! Live and Let Live.

KJ will win MOP. No one deserves it more! I don't know what makes someone an MOP. But the paycut he took, his playing, everything just make him MOP in my mind no matter what the journalists say. But I think the Journalists think the same as me.

I'm hoping Kent Awesome gets coach of the year. But I think Winey Wally will get it given his QB situation this year. Just another reason for me to hate the BC Lions

Gotta love this

If Austin doesn't win coach of the year something is seriously wrong.

If the coach of the year award was granted only on the basis of showing the most improvement of a team over the previous season, then Austin would win hands down.

However, you have to give (grudgingly if you have to) credit where credit is due, and Wally has done an outstanding job keeping BC as the elite team in the league, despite injuries to his #1 and then his #2 QB.

It’ll be either Wally or Kent.

Austin will win the Coach of the year.. taking his team to a 2nd place finish.. 12 wins for the first time in 37 years.. and such. he'll win it. And I'm sure Buono will gladly bow out.

Clermont and Fantuz were neck and neck statistically, but Fantuz's 3 week hiccup early in the year when he dropped more balls than gravity probably cost him in the end.

Andy will get his chances - he's young and has years to develop. Clermont is not a bad choice.

Kent did an amazing job this year! But BC has a rather exceptional coaching team... Hard to say. Congrats to Kerry Joseph!! I know its between him and my main man KG, they both deserve it, so I won't be choked if KJ takes it :slight_smile: GO RIDERS!....

P.S. GO BOMBERS lol :stuck_out_tongue: