Joseph vs MTL

Anyone heard Joseph's chances of playing vs Alouettes? If he's not playing, I'm leery of our chances.

I Hope I'm wrong!

i believe dude is playing

IF he is limping..I will personally drive to MTL just to Kick Barretts ASS

And who would you play then. A limping Rocky or Crandell with an injured arm? Please lend a little thought before you post.

I saw the game, Joseph definitely did not play.

Do we have a chance on Friday? I'm hoping big time, but my faith in the boys isn't there this weekend!

Some way we can sabotage Montreal's flight plans so they can't make it? Might be our only chance for a win!

Yes, I'm cynical, but hopeful!

Well, all I can say is, good luck Riders. If you win, you put another nail in the Eskimo coffin.

the Riders have a habit of disapointment ,just when its time to write them of they surprise you and when its time to perform they stink the joint out
go figure? ? ? ?

I thought that I heard on the radio at work today that the Riders were starting Durant at QB on Friday. Can someone confirm this? Or should I blame it on lack of sleep?

The Radios broke along with the TV from that last game..... Even Mrs. Dentor doesnt want to watch next game..its BAD!!! Could playing Durant be any worse? :frowning: with DB's coaching decisions lately, it might be possible.

heard on the radio that Joseph is starting with Crandell and Durant dressingas 2nd and 3rd backup. Here goes nothing and god bless the 13th man

What about darian durant? he is still on the team right?.. what about armstead?.. comon be creative!

Our jekyl-Hyde football team does it again! Hopefully a 6 game winning streak to end the season!