Joseph UnderRated!

Kerry Joseph Is Very UnderRated I mean he makes some very good passes i think you guys will for sure make the playoffs this year and get to that place, joseph is your best chance he started off bad, and just man, hes on fire!

I agree that Joseph is one of the top QB's in the league, and I am always sticking up for him, but he's got to work on his accuracy a bit more.

but for a guy that used to be a seattle seahawk, its odd how he played for seattle, and he was a saftey why would a guy thats a QB now had been a SAFTEY In the NFL? and in 1998 i think it was he had like 55 tackles or something like that!

How can you say he is under rated? He has done nothing since he came to the CFL, Once he leads them to the playoffs, or at least a consistent season then you can say that, you cant say he is among the elite qb's in the CFL, Ray,Dickenson,Printers,Maas,AC,Allen, Those are 6 qb's which are all better and proven better, not to mention id put Bishop and Burris ahead of Joseph my self, but you cant argue with the first 6. I really like KJ play, but just because he makes some very good passes doesnt make him a star. I'd say give him a couple of more years, and a better team around him, then he will become what he sometimes shows shades of. I really hope this is the Gades year! Go gades!

i mena, so far he is underrated i mean no one said anything about joseph lead them to 4-3 record, hes underrated so far this season! plus the reason im so suprised hes even a starting QB(or even a QB at all) is because he played saftey for the seahawks for 3 years 55 tackles his second year 98'or 99' so its a suprise that he converted to QB you gotta have some athletic abily to play saftey so hes a very athletic QB! but thats just my opinion!

hes not underated i think hes rated perfectly. HE only shows up for the second half and he is a bad passer. without his legs hed be nothing. But he can hit the deep man well but thats the only good thing i got to say bout his passing ability hes like michel vick hes got the leags but he cant hit a open target

How many other CFL QB's so far this year have been offensive player of the week...TWICE!

Exactly!! :lol: