Joseph trade

Flemons was a bust. January has been good but not great. A starting tackle. Riders got Argos number 1 pick in the draft. Now Matthews benches Joseph. Can anyone remember if the Riders got something else in the trade? Or did the Argos get something else?

...your "insiders" with the team should know...maybe you should ask them instead...

Regardless of who the Riders traded/received in the Joseph deal, it seems that we've benefitted the most, so far!

Flemons went back to Toronto for an injury! haha

January’s been better than “good”, IMO. Flemons turned into Acree - we’ll see what he turns into.

The pick became Shologan - we’ll know by this time next year what we have in him.

It is interesting....a significant number of people think the problem with Toronto is Joseph. That is almost laughable. Toronto's defensive once great has been terrible....not Joseph's fault....Toronto's lack of running game once again not Joseph's would be interesting to see what would people be saying if Toronto is where people thought they should first in the east.

January has been good....but not great. Shologan will be the determining factor in my opinion....will he make the difference.

TJ would have been cut so we really gave Flemons back.

I agree with Mike. 2 times this week. Joseph is not the problem.

I agree with a comment in the LP. Joseph wanted the cash and wound up in a place where he gets screwed by the system he is in and the lack of coaching.