Joseph, to Try out for Saints.

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Joseph, a native Louisianan, will workout for the Saints on Feb. 13. The deadline for CFL players to sign in the NFL is Feb. 15.

"Saskatchewan is not moving too fast on getting a new deal done," Joseph said. "I'm trying not to get frustrated on that point."

Joseph earned a base salary of $225,000 last season and also achieved some bonuses.

He took the cut because the Roughriders were over the league's $4.05-million salary cap and had to chop roughly $800,000 before last season kicked off. Even with those trimmings, the Riders are likely to be over the cap once the CFL completes its financial audits later this year.

Looks like things in Ridervile are not too Rosie

he's to old, 33. I would stay up here, play for say 5 more years, be a star and make a million bucks,

It's because of situations like this that the CFL has struggled offensively from how we know it. It is a QB driven league. There is a definite lack of talent at the QB spot. There are no longer the Flutie's, Garcia's, Moon's, and Dunningan's coming here.

I honestly think that CFL needs to ammend the SMS to allow teams to sign 1 QB with no ramifications on the cap. That way young QB's like a Pat White would look at coming here instead of having to change positions to make better in the NFL.

It sounds crazy but strong QB play is what the CFL needs. This would allow good young QB's to play QB here.

Problem with that is Smaller market Teams Could never pay the Same as Larger Market Teams in Montreal Edmonton BC Toronto and Yes Even Hamilton.

I would love to see him make it. Good luck KJ.

Well to solve that issues onknight I would propose a very fair revenue sharing program so that smaller market teams are at least able to compete for services. I also believe that they should be able to afford this plan. We're not talking millions. We're talking enough to present an attractive offer that could sway someone from sitting on a PR in the NFL or let them consider coming here to play QB instead of trying to become a WR.

Wow the roughies are losing everybody!

revenue sharing is a Touchy Subject
It has been for year with NFL Owners
there already talks on changing it.

Here is Current NFL System:
Revenue sharing

About 2/3 of the NFL's money comes from the TV deal. The players get about 2/3 of team revenue. So, more or less, the TV contract goes to pay the players. These contracts are typically for about 5 years, and every time they are renegotiated the price goes up. So do player's salaries.

The money from the TV contract is share and share alike - the Redskins, Cowboys, Bills, and Packers get identical checks. This money is key to the success of the smaller franchises. Without the TV contract money, there is simply no way on earth that Green Bay could ever field a competitive team.

There are a lot of other sources for NFL money. NFL licensed jerseys, for example that Randy Moss jersey you put on your kid last Halloween when you dressed him up as a demon, result in license fees going to the NFL. This money is also equally shared.

When the teams play, there is a "gate," the money people pay for seats. This is in the neighborhood of about $2.5M per game. This money is split 60-40, with the visiting team getting 40% of the gate. Because of this teams like Jacksonville and Arizona just love it when the Packers or Cowboys come to play. These are the two or three games each year these teams can count on selling out, and the money they get is very welcome. Sometimes you will find that to buy a ticket to see the Packers on the road you have to buy a package of two or three tickets. This is nothing more or less than a device to get money from Packers fans into the pockets of the other teams owners.

This may not work in the CFL cause of the size of the League.
it is an Idea that could be looked at.

First their HC now their QB.

Can you say from first to worst in one season??? I knew you could.

I'm beginning to notice a trend concerning CFL star QB's. NFL teams are beginning to really take an interest in them. My initial thoughts were, great, that raises our profile, however now I am having second thoughts. The NFL has no interest in giving these QB's a chance to play, they are simply there to provide experience at the number 3 and 4 position on the depth chart. The problem is that most American born- QB's can hardly be blamed for taking the offer. They have an opportunity to go to a NFL training camp, and be paid a bonus and per-diem. The problem is when they get cut in late August and re-sign with their prospective CFL clubs. This inevitably causes a disruption within the ranks of the team they try to play with, who are already in mid-season form. The CFL needs to implement some rules to keep QB's here longer. The CFL also needs to find a better colour analyst than Glen Suitor. C'mon, is this the best we've got?! At least he finally shaved that moustache, anyway... Any thoughts on rule changes to keep QB's here? My first thought is that NFL clubs can only sign QB's that were in the NFL draft, and not selected in that year. So if a QB was playing in the CFL under contract, the NFL club would be forced to select another player that was inactive. If that club however put a CFL QB on their negotiation list, then they would have to wait till that player played out their contract. At that point they could only pay that QB the same money that they made that year in the CFL for the first year of their new contract. That would prevent some QB's to jump for a lttle more money,ie; they might stay to play!

From todays Toronto Star (Sat. Feb.2)

[i]"KERRY WHO? Kerry Joseph, quarterback of the Grey Cup-winning Saskatchewan Roughriders, may have a tryout scheduled for later this month with New Orleans, but that is news to Saints coach Sean Payton.

"I don't know anything about that,'' Payton said here yesterday. "Who is this?"

Told Joseph had just won the CFL championship, Payton reiterated that he knew nothing about any workout."[/i]

Certainly, he deserves a chance to chase his goal of playing in the NFL, but for some reason, I just can't see him excelling to the role of backup, let alone starter. Injuries, inconsistency and age have a way of proving themselves at this level. I would not be surprised to see him back in the CFL before long. Hope he proves me wrong, and having said that, the best of luck to him.