Joseph to Riders for package???

Well, whether any of you believe him or not, Matt Sekeres has a story in the Citizen today about Joseph heading to the riders for a package of players that could include Nealon Greene:

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I think if I had the option of Greene or Fred Childress, I'd go for Childress since we need more experience up front and there are lots of folks that want to give Banks a chance.
However on the Team yesterday, Jock Climie was on saying that the Gades would be eaten alive without an experienced QB in JJ's new gun n' gun offence (sounds like there's no run, just gun for him).

It also says in the article that the Gades are about to hire Rod Rust as its defensive co-ordinator. Thoughts?

First off let me comment on the hiring of Rod Rust.... Great move. He's an experience Defensive Co ordinator and will add a lot to the inexperience defense.

Now as for the possible trade..... hmmm.... I'm not sure how to react. I think that you would have to take Nealon Greene. If they decide to take Childress, that tells me that they are going to go after Casey Printers. They do need an experienced quarterback even if they aren't going to use the Run and Shoot.

Gades, what do you think??

Isn't Childress like 39 years old? if so, stay away, because you don't want an O-Lineman who's got 1 maybe 2 years left in him. I'd wait and see what plays out, because the way Jenkins talks, looks like he's a big fan of Joseph, so it might have to be a big package deal to trade him.

As for a QB, i'd say instead of going out and trading for one, give Banks a shot and use the money instead to pick up some big targets for him to throw to. That has been a big problem in ottawa, not having a big, go to reciever. Everyone raves about how Banks is going to be a star, he's not going to be a star if they don't give him the chance to play.

Didn't Banks already have his chance for most of the '04 season (while Joseph was injured)? I don't remember anything special - same inconsistent passing, but without Joseph's scrambling ability.
(but to be fair - he also hade no protection and weak receivers)

I think Joseph's gotta go .... but Greene is definitely no step up. Greene's had more than plenty of time to shine (with the best O-line in the league), and couldn't do it. We'd only be trading problems with Sask.

Too bad our brilliant leaders weren't gutsy enough to go after Maas when they had the chance. I'd like to see them surprise everyone by getting Dickenson - never mind Printers and his ego.

Banks didn't get his shot while Joseph was hurt. That was Darnell Kennedy, who IMO, isn't that great of a QB.

As for Maas, this deal was done during the season, and because Hugh Campbell is the League Commissioner, he was able to hold off dealing him until after Maas got the Eskies to the Grey Cup.

If the Gades are spending real money in this offseason @ QB it should be for Printers not Greene.

That said I would much rather see Joseph/Banks competing for the #1 job next year and have the Gleiberman's spend their $ on the Oline and the LB's as well as resigning the Gades who deserver to be back.

If they start focusing on a QB it proves that they are just trying to sell tix and not really improve this team.

They need to make the playoffs next year and to do so they need to improve the oline regardless of the run and shot crap.

Ottawa does not need Nealon Greene, why the hell would they want him when they have Banks? Greene is just a back-up on the way down. Joseph for the O-Line would make sense. Look what Hamilton gave up for Maas ? BTW, Commissioner Campbell and Hamilton colluded on that deal.

Let's pick up some of that awsome Sask. O-line. The game is won in the trenches and Ottawa sure could use some help on both sides of the ball. Picking up Green wouldnt be smart though as it would be more of the same