Joseph Starting

Andrus has announced that Kerry will start for the Argos tomorrow night. Does this affect our chances? Kerry knows what it's like to play in the cold - Porter has no experience playing in frigid windblown Taylor - oops Mosaic Field. Kerry will be pumped - our D better be ready.

This is a tricky game for the Riders anyway. If we win, we were supposed to. If we lose, people will be panicking.
Toronto has a very strong defence, and the weather conditions will favour that. And KJ does give TO their best chance to win. I don't know if Pickett will or won't be a good QB some day. But right now, he isn't good enough. If KJ had played the last 6 weeks, I think TO could have won 2-3 more games---a similar record to that of the Riders. How will KJ play in his first start in two months? tough to say. Personally, I hope he plays great..... in a losing effort.
If the Riders aren't prepared to play a very tough team, we'll be in trouble.

With KJ playing, I am a little nervous. But I think we pull it out.

Great move by Andrus, finally.

So frustrating watching Pickett's inept game play against Montreal and the Bombers while the very competent and much more talented Kerry Joseph sits rotting on the sidelines.

I'm a big KJ fan and hope he plays a great game this Sat..........not good enough to win