Joseph Spiking the Ball in the Endzone

What a joke Joseph gets a Penalty for spiking the Ball :? which takes all of 5 seconds and those dancing fools in Calgary dont get anything for goin into a 15 second Micheal Jackson routine. Our Refs SUCK

exactly the two morons in calgary dance like its party, then joseph spikes the ball and he gets 10 yards, and nik and cope emberass themselves and get nothing

how about the Holmes jig in the TiCat game, what exactly was that.....

he always does tht

i guess we cant do the old fashion spike no more :roll: but we can spike a helmet instead a helmet :lol:

and i guess, you can make believe ur hand is a gun and shoot in the air with calgary lol

the gave Joseph a penalty for that?, are you egging me on? what a lot of crap!

That penalty was a complete joke.

If the reffing was actually consistent this year(if they did call penalties for celebrations), then Calgary SHOULD have had a penalty for every single one of their touchdowns.

The reffing is consistent this year esks123, consistently poor.


A technicality, I know, but they didn’t call the penalty for actually spiking the ball - they called it for taunting…I don’t see how it was taunting, personally, but I also didn’t see how it was possible for the cover team to get an illegal block (didn’t see anything wrong with the blocking that time), or how Miles could be called for pass interference when the ball was clearly overthrown to Hathaway…maybe it’s just me…

but havent u guys noticed that like all of the dumb refs ( basicly every one ) are old ?

there seeing sucks. prob cant even hear the complaining.

And copeland ... what a joke , he even went to get lessons so he can use all of those dances when he scores his next touchdowns :x :x :x :x :x :x

IF he just spiked it, I agree, but he likley said some thing

The refs this year are abosuletly PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!! The Joseph spike gets him 10 yards? Then Calgary does a fricken musical and its good? Right now im watching Montreal at Winnipeg. Montreal challenges a drop that should be a sure TD. Although there is interference in the endzone and montreal gets it at the 1 yard line. The call stands, Montreal gets called for objectional conduct and all of a sudden they're at the 11 instead of kicking off. THIS YEAR REFS SUCK!!!!!!!!!! I havent seen 10 decent punt returns without a flag. This is unbeleivable. The only fair ref this year is Jake Ireland thats it. As you can i am really angry at the rest of them.

I third that.

Well the ref might have been a little quick on the draw, but from his position, the ball did seem to come down close the the BC guys feet, which is generally called as a taunt.

So I did not like it, but I can understand how the call could be made.

stupid call on the spike! u cud penalize a player every 3 or 4 downs for "celebrating" if u want to be that strict! bottom line - sports is entertainment - let them play!!!

The penalty wasnt for spiking the ball. It was because he spiked it at a BC player or at least in their direction.

.....please, would most of you take the time to go read the rule book before commenting? would save a lot of frustration on your part.....

.....due to the BC players proximity to Joseph when he spiked the ball, the ref calls it under Section 4 - Objectionable Conduct, as either 'taunting' or 'throwing the ball at an oposing player'.....Did KJ mean it that way? no, 99.9% sure he didn't, but the ref is OBLIGATED to call it, its his friggin job.....

...."sorry Mr. RCMP Officer, I didn't mean to speed" many times has that got your ticket ripped up??.....

.....and no where in the book is it against the rules to provide the paying and TV viewing fans with an endzone the two are not comparable....that means the cast of RENT who are currently starring as the Stampeder Receiving group, and Kenton Keith, and Corey Holems are all free to do their thang....