Joseph speaks out against Andrus

Seems Joseph isn't happy with the situation in Toronto. The last two guys who spoke out were trade... With any luck, maybe Joseph will get his wish and get traded, as well. :lol:

In all seriousness, I sort of defended Andrus... half-heartedly... but I just don't see how the Argos can keep him. I know creating a revolving door at the coaching position isn't going to improve your team... but I... I don't know... Picking a bunch of NFL Europe castoffs as his assistants... Not kicking that field goal... Mis-managing his players (Parker, QBs)... He's not showing good judgment.

nothing but good can come from this!

either KJ gets traded, and he is happy....or andrus is traded, and argo fans are happy, along with argo players.

andrus is the problem...along with rita.

Joseph has to be kicking himself leaving the Riders for the mess in Toronto, oh man. Was it really worth the money Kerry?

If Andrus is still there next season, should he hire an experienced CFL offensive coordinator to take over the offense?

That's an easy one.


Andrus isn't going anywhere -from what I understand he is making $475K per year. Joseph should just suck it up and play his role as Andrus perceives it. I don't know if he has any other option at this point in his career.

Joseph has got it easy. he's a five year vet. That tells me he just wants to go home and collect his pay. ya think the Argos overpayed just a bit to get Andrus??????

I think Andrus actually picked a pretty good assistant coaching staff, the Argos are pretty solid everywhere except on offense.

I could be wrong, but wasn't he traded to Toronto?

Didn't he go there as a free agent?

It's ok, I think it is going to come out of Rita and Mohn's pay :wink:

Kerry Joseph was traded for a couple defensive players. Draft picks were also switched. I believe Joseph wanted a raise, but Tillman wasn't willing to give him one, so he was traded.

Not at all... :o :o :o

That is correct kj sold us out not for the love of the game or kidsport or even the province that embraced him not only as a mvp qb or a looked up to citizen in our community nope it was all money
so now a part timer at 36 who looks very average at best is complaining
as far as I can see if he woulda stayed here in sask I think he would've only grew his headcoach now would have been his old oc and as far as I can see ken miller has done a great job unlike toronto 3 headcoaches and a gm that rubbed kj as if he was gold and still in the basement
I say suck it up kj the smog that is cause where all still breathing clean air here in sask
350k aint bad money to keep the bench clean part time :lol:

Kerry Joseph took a $125,000 paycut (cutting his salary in half) before the 2007 season so the Riders could get under the salary cap. Didn't work because they still went over. So after winning the Grey Cup and the MOP award he asked for a raise to be in line with what other QBs in the league with those creditials were making and Tillman traded him.

I still think he deserved to get paid. Can't blame a man who is trying to get paid after accomplishing what he did at his age. He knew it was his last chance at a larger deal.

You’re right, he did take that pay cut. But it’s almost a guarantee that he had it givin back to him in other ways like better off season employment and local sponsorship commercials/events.if he would have stayed after that Grey Cup and MOP season, regardless of whether Kerry got a raise or not, you can be sure he would have retired a god in the province of Saskatchewan and would have been richly rewarded outside of the field for what he brought us inside.

Do you honestly think off-season employment and local sponsorship could possibly have made up the amount of money he gave up? Considering he won the MOP and Grey Cup I suspect that he would have been offered the same amount from sponsorships no matter what his salary was so that would not have made up the difference. If, in 2008, the Riders had offered to pay him his original salary of $250,000 and pay him the $125,000 he gave up the previous year he would have been making $375,000. There is no way he would have been able to make anything close to $125,000-$250,000 in sponsorship in Saskatchewan or in the entire country.