Joseph punching Tiller

From what I saw Tiller tackled Joseph, tried to strip the ball ( as db's are known to do), got punched 3-4 times for his efforts, and ejected. Did anybody see anything different? How is it that Joseph didn't get ejected or fined?

I wouldn't be surprised to see a fine.

That is what I saw. I couldn't believe Joseph didn't even get a penalty, let alone an ejection. I certainly hope the league steps up and fines him for it.

Welcome to the "C"anadian "F"un "L"eague.

This league is so bush.

Joseph was lying on his back already tackled, Tiller comes in and tries to rip the ball out of his hands. I don’t blame Joseph for being ticked - Joseph made Tiller look bad all game with his pin point passing. Tiller was just frustrated and should have been thrown out of the game for his stupidness.

Joseph threw the first punch, but I strongly doubt that we will ever see a "marquee" QB ejected from a game.

Tiller deserved it and 3 of our guys ended up getting kicked out for doing nothing so give it a rest. Our back-up o-line still ran your team over. Crandell could have came in and done the exact same thing...he can even start next week and put up 40+ points against your "defence". When Fantuz out runs you, you have issues haha. He has the speed of Danny Mcmanus and he still torched you. He is one heck of an athlete tho. So quit your complaining for something that your guy started..honestly.

Well fact of the matter is that Joseph started the fight via the first punch and should have gotten something too. Fact of the matter is that JOSEPH was wrong. We don't care how good your team is and we didn't insult your grow up.

o and by the way if you don't wanna hear intelligent conversation then get off of the TICAT forum.

Ha, if Tiller wouldn’t have wrestled with Joseph there would have been no scrum. KJ didn’t punch him for no reason so get your facts straight. Intelligent converstaion? I just hear a lot of whining with no real logic. Good luck Sunday.

Well, considering punching is against the rules he still had no good reason. Also, that kind of play happens pretty much every game with players trying to pull the ball away after a tackle. Everyone just makes a huge deal of it since the play involved a QB. What's done is done, and I think it's about time to leave it be.

If the QB did not want hard contact slide feet first.

... otherwise he is just an overpaid running back and deserves any and all abuse that a rb normally gets...

(...this includes ANY Ticat qb as well: BECAUSE IT'S FOOTBALL, NOT TIDDLY WINKS)...

You lost all credibility and I stopped reading your post there.

joseph started the scrum that resulted in players getting ejected. no consequences for him cause hes special and above the rules.

Nobody should have been thrown out for any of it and then.......nobody would have lost their cools and yelled and got hot and took extra penalties and made it look oh so bush league. Nfl it is offsetting roughing calls and the game goes on. In cfl we throw players out, get emotions boiling and it ends up looking ridiculous. Kent austin has a point wondering why his players were thrown out and actually, why any players were thrown out, bush league. stupid, it only got the players hot and caused more problems.

As far as I am concerned I can’t believe a team like that is one of the top teams. They must of paid the ref’s all the way thru because all I seen on Sunday was poor sportsmanship. And I think 67 and 53 should get triple fines as they were giving the refs a hard time especially throwing his helmut. Joseph should get a fine also for starting the whole thing and I think they should apologize to Tiller as he got thrown out for nothing. Wake up saskatchewan fans your team sucks in the sportsmanship area. I really wish we could of won just to rub it in D.J Flicks face but maybe this Sunday things will turn around and we will win on their home turf.

We have a great bunch of guys who are still fighting to win and I love that!!!

Go Cats Go!!!

From my standpoint they were struggling for the ball. I think that it all got blown out of proportion. It was two players struggling for the ball. The mistake Tiller made was keeping it up after the whistle. This was viewed as aggressive by our front men who came and peeled off the players.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize for the aftermath. There was no need for the helmet throw or the after touchdown antics. Our guys got fined for it and well deserved it.

the whole play was good when hot head tiller played to the echo of the whistle. that guy was runnin around cherpin all game, even after he got torched by KJ. i would be mad too if a bum like him ripped me for 400 yards. if he never got ejected i guarantee taffe woulda had him ridin pine by games end

Joseph started the fight and should have been ejected, but the refs in the CFL don't have the guts to throw a starting QB out of the game.

In my opinion QB's get too much protection from the refs. Once they cross the line of scrimmage they should be treated like any other ball carrier, open to any fair tackle in bounds.

Joseph started it and i don't think that is was fair Tiller got thrown out

He should have been fined and thrown out
But he is a QB so kiss butt and you can do what you want