Joseph or Maas?

knowing what u know now, if you could go back to the dispersal draft when hamilton had the number one pick, who would u take?

-keep joseph and send maas to sask for holmes
-exactly how it went down, and send joseph to sask for holmes and keep maas

Hindsight is 20/20. I'm not giving up on Maas just yet. We gave up on Calvillo, and look how he turned out.

This is a pointless poll.

exactly, Joseph has much better players around him and he has the best o.c in the league in Tommy Condel.

If we could do it over again I'd take Armstead instead of Holmes, or even Kahn or Corey Banks.

joseph vs maas next week...i suspect sask will kill hamilton.

True Dat!

Maas was a god send to your team, and you think he is crap? Hahahahahahaha!

he is crap...look at his numbers.

-5 TD's an 9 INT's
-the WORST QB efficency rating of all starting QB's.
-least amount of passing yards after 9 games

MAAS! what a stupid poll

Well he has missed a FULL game, take that into account for his total passing yards. And he has been playing with a hip pointer injury and an abdominal strain the last few weeks.

Then Why is he playing...Shouldn't we be looking for a competent backup?

kerry joseph's riders have played one less game too, so they've played equal amount of games.

i couldnt see saskatchewan giving up Holmes for Mass because they have Crandel, saskatchewan made the right move :slight_smile:

JasonMaas,nice run last night ,but why?you're hurt.
Remember Damon Allen ran in the preseason and got smacked good and shook up .
Don't do it,even in frustration.