joseph or maas

who will we get next season joseph or maas

......neither, Joseph will play in Ottawa again and Maas will be in either Edmonton or Hamilton.........The only QB remotely available to the riders is Printers or Wynn........

I would take either. I would also like to get Buck Pierce.

The question isn't who will we get next season, it's who do we want next season. And as for the question I would rather have Maas. But to be honest with you, I don't see it happening.

I think Joesph is a possiblity especially if we can get Paopao..its time in his career he should start thinking about playing with a contender. I hope they throw enough cash at him to at least consider us.
And the Riders of late seem to always be one Decent QB away from playing in the Cup.

Do you think we could give Ottawa Thomas and Greene (Nealon, not Andrew) in a trade for Joseph? He's not a free agent this year, if I'm not mistaken..... but Ottawa's O-line wasn't much better than BC's if I remember correctly (and I apologize if I'm wrong) so maybe that's some good trade bait. Didn't everyone think that Banks had the potential to be better than Joseph anyways? Maybe we should try to get him instead.....

We need to think bigger. We should be going after some of these hotshots that just miss the NFL cut. Offer a contract that really pays off if they have a good year (e.g. load with incentives). I hear names like Timmy Chang, etc that I would be far more interested in rather than a Banks or Wynn.

Printers should no doubt be the guy we're after.

Your best bet would be Printers, if he doesn't get picked up by the NFL.

Yea Casey would put us over taht hump, simalir style to Nealon (in his prime), but more talented.