Joseph needs to scramble way more!!!

So the Oline let me down last night vs Edmonton…

The guy worked his ASS off in the off season to trip 20pounds to be faster and more effective in this Canadian game… Well use i GEEZ!

Where were the roll outs, the qb sneaks… What’s this 2 step drop stuff??? We dont’ have an Oline at the moment due to injuries… 2 steop drop crap only works when you have a good cohesive Oline…

Joseph looked lost last night… Sure Edmonton played really well and took advantage of our rookies on the Oline but come one 7 sacks… That embarassing and Joseph needs to take off with the ball when he’s in trouble…

He was Ottawa’s 2nd best rusher last year only next to Ranek.

Why didn’t he take off with the ball ??? He could have gotten 3-4 first downs that way.


Good point. But honestly, I think you guys should give Ranek the ball a little more. I mean he broke a 30 yard run in the first quarter, then he got stopped behind the line, and hardly got the ball back.

Also I found Kerry Joespeh and his receivers weren’t on the same track yesterday. When he over threw a wide open Yo Murpy for a TD, or those hitch passes when he threw and no Renegades were around, or the Receivers simply dropped an easy pass. For example Frank Cutolo. I like what the Ottawa Offence is doing, and thats not going for it all on first down, they just try to get 5 yards each play, thats good. But I think they should go with the long ball once in a while to a speedy Amrstead, let it float and give Armstead time to get under it, cause believe me, their aren’t too many DBs in the league who can match his speed.

But, look at it this way. Its only the first game of the season. You had some Rookies on the 0-Line playing probably the best D-Line in the league. Edmontons is not an easy team to fair up against, with a bunch of rookies.

Well, next game its my team against your team, It should be fun to watch.

Take Care guys.
P.S That guy Armstead, I LOVE HIM. Great Special teams player, and WHAT A MOVE he did when ge scored his TD Reception, spun out of the 2 Edmonton defenders. Woa! Awesome!

Ranek is key but when you get behind by 2 TD’s you have to start looking to the passing game…

Last night was very much like last year where Ottawa was in the game for 1-2 quarters, they got behind going into half time and couldn’t get anything going in the 2nd half.

So running when you get behind only looses more time on the clock and that’s why Ranek didn’t get as much action as we’d like to see.

Like I said earlier. Joseph just needs to take the ball and run with it. It’s gonna open things up for that O.

Well if Kerry Joseph scrambles also, it will continue the clock as well. But also, I don’t think making you QB run often is part of the gameplan either. Unless your the Atlanta Falcons and have Michael Vick or you have Nealon Greene.

Even in the first half, Ottawa did not utilise Ranek. He had a few carries, and one long run. This guy can get the job done. He can wind the clock down also. And this guy can chew up some yards. So mix it up a little, Run the Ball and Pass it. That way the Defence is not focused on your game plan. And Edmonton has a good Secondary.

But there is always second guessing in Football. Like for example, mayeb IF Ranek had the ball a little more, he may of broken free, or maybe IF Ranek had the ball alittle more, he may of fumbled behind the line and the Eskimos returned it for a TD.

But Joe Paopao knows alot more than me, and if he feels his gameplan is the right one, then , it most likely is. But I only say get Ranek more involved is because I like what tjhis guy does with the ball, and I think he can help the Renegade offence put points on the board.

Take Care,
See you guys Friday Night.

Ranek is the key to the offence, but in the CFL, being behind by 2 TD’s is not all that bad and not a valid reason to abandon the run.

I am a Boston College season ticket holder and let me tell you, you guys got a special player with Paul Peterson. He can scramble, but doesn’t do it too much,which is good. He is a big time player, and he would be playing south of the border if he was taller. Listen, i know Joesph has been the man up there, but you guys will start winning when he is under center. Peterson is a football genius, and Joesph is washed up.

I agree with you…I watched that EDMONTON game and kept …yelling RUN , GOD DAME IT…RUN

The CFL…style of play needs a Q.B. that can scamble…BOSTON COLLEGE…DOUG FLUTIE…played in the CFL, before the BILLS…

Glad to hear that we have a good one coming in the ranks.

Ottawa is blessed with some fantastic future QB’s. There aren’t many team in the CFL (exception BC and Edmonton) who have as must potential fire power with good up and coming QB’s as Ottawa does… And this is even more evident in the east.

Joseph is a scrambler… Keep in mind that that dude was a starting Safety on D with the Seahawks… He has wheels.

Maybe he just faltered due to some plays being called. Maybe he was trying to do too much. Maybe the Esk’s stunts were confusing him… And maybe it’s just the 1st game jitters.

He’s by no mean washed up. He’s the Gades QB of the present.

Brad Banks is also an amazing athlete. And like I was saying earlier. Ottawa is the envy at the QB position.

As for Peterson. He’s being groeomed for the future. I doubt he could step in and make an impact right now. Look @ Fluite when he started. He wasn’t that effective right away.

But in a passing league I thi

Sorry pressed enter too quick.

But in a passing league, Ottawa will be in a good situation once it gets it’s oline in shape we will be ok.

The east QB situation is good for the Gades.

Ticats - age and backup could be a problem
Argos - Beyond Damon… they seem reluctant to look to the future.
Als - pretty much all of the above.
Gades - loaded with potential @ starter, 2nd and 3rd strings…

Good points MM. Where do you think Kennedy fits in? 4th string ? Will he be cut when Banks returns or will Peterson ? Or is he trade bait ? What do you think? Joseph HAS to scramble, and I don’t think he should have lost 20 lbs. I think he was OK the way he was.

As I’m sure you know they signed him while Banks and Peterson are healing their mild injuries but I think he is expendable and like you said… maybe he could be good trade bait… for some o line help hopefully…

Maybe if our D can pound Calvillo hard we could trade Kennedy to them for some o line help…

From what I heard about Joseph is that he just got way stronger, to avoid the injuries and he shed some weight so he could be more mobile… which is yet to be seen in a game though…