Joseph looking South

So now Kerry has a tryout with the Saints booked for Feb 13th. Do I blame him? Nope. He is underpaid, and this is his day in the sun.

Do I scratch my head? Yep.

I am con-fused as to the point of contracts these days. Yes we will retain rights if he doesn't make his NFL dream a reality (let's not assume he will actually go south at this point, I can't see that happening), but he is under a two year deal here.

I have really got to feel bad for Tillman right now. His talent that is under contract is falling apart at the seams. Again, the price of success. Joseph's only chance, all be it slim, is right now.

When you make long range plans, and they don't count for crap, how can you function?

I am the first to say Joseph needs the big(ger) bucks right now. Take your pick a) Burris or Jospeh b) Dickenson or Joseph c) Calvillo or Joseph or even better d) PRINTERS or Joseph. (The last one kills me, he's great, not 1.5m/3yr great).

I would rather pay Kerry what he's worth and if it means fines, whatever. I took a speeding ticket from a cop when my wife was delivering our baby, sometimes a fine is just worth it.

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“Saskatchewan is not moving too fast on getting a new deal done,” Joseph said. “I’m trying not to get frustrated on that point.”

I certainly understand Joesph's argument of getting a new deal.

Let's look at the high paid QB's in the league.

1)Casey Printers - On a bad team. Everyone in their right mind is gonna pick the Ti-cats to miss the playoffs again in 2008.

2)Ricky Ray - Hasn't made the playoffs in 2 years. You can also count on it being 3 years.

3)Dave Dickenson - Unemployed! Probably not for too long! But you catch my drift!

4)Anthony Callvillo - Montreal Alouettes were 8-10 and frankly, they stunk, even with a healthy Calvillo.

5)Henry Burris - Has no Defence. Hasn't won a playoff game 3 years and running. Had a 7-10-1 season

The point to drive home is that all these QB's (except the unemployed guy) were on sub-500 football clubs. QB's like Kevin Glenn and Kerry Joesph maybe should realize the "high paid QB era" is over in the CFL. Not saying that they don't deserve more money. But we are now in a Salary Cap era, and it's pretty tight in Saskatchewan and all over the CFL.

Riders (we) lose: Austin, Joseph, Holmes . . .

We don't need them.
We just won the Grey Cup.
Don't need another one for at the most, two years.

This year we will still be not half bad and then make it into the playoffs, then we will be in the Grey Cup in 2009 for the 20 year Reunion Grey Cup match with Hamilton.

Don't blame Joseph....the riders had the opportunity to deal with him last year and stayed with the short contract....sign a 1 year deal with option and you can get burnt.

Exactly. Making him lose the $125000 was a jackass move because it makes the player believe it is a year by year deal which will backfire on the team almost everytime when you have a QB like KJ

He has no chance down there. He's over thirty and at best will be given the job holding a clipboard. And even then most teams will go with a young development QB instead of an old one.

Does he deserve more? Yes. Will he get more? Some. Just because other teams are idiots paying stupid salaries to guys who could never make as much anywhere else is no reason for him to get more.

yup exactly.. the guys 34.. no way that he'll get on any NFL team now..

Dont jump the gun.

I don't know about any of you, but with Austin gone, and now Joseph getting a crack at the NFL, I am not feeling to good about the 2008 season.

If he makes it, and thats an IF, my thought is that he won't make past pre-season, which would still suck because then we'd be without him for about 3 months. But I don't think he will make it that far in the NFL. He's 34, the saints have a great quarterback by the name of Drew Brees and their backup is Jamie Martin and Tyler Palco from PITT who they drafted last year. I don't know.

i have Tyler Palco's autograph lol

Jamie Martin is 38.
And living proof there is no depth at QB in the NFL.
I can't imagine a guy who has accomplished so little in 14 years and is still around.
Palco was undrafted last year, so they have almost nothing invested in him.
If KJ signs, the real challenge will be draft day.....

look lets be realistic, with joseph's stats do you really think he'd make it? Sure he can run the ball if he gets into a tight situation but that doesnt always work in the NFL. personally im not at all worried about loosing him and if we do Crandell is still a fine QB and i think Tate, with proper training and guidance will be a star.

Crandell is alright.... But hes no KJ

The guy's gonna be, what, 35 this year? It isn't gonna happen. Even if it did, we have to start thinking about developing some of our young QBs (Tate, Durant, etc).

Maybe Austin and Tillman were to busy cleaning up from your heroes Barrett and Shivers. Didnt you read Riders were 1 million over? Austin and Tillman were cutting players. And cutting salaries. Not giving players more money. Why is that hard to understand? How would you have done it? Tell us. Cut 1 million and give Joseph a contract that would not have burnt them? Tell us.

I wanted Barrett and Shivers to win. I cheered for them for 7 years. But they spent a lot of money and didnt win. Not a home playoff game. Not a Grey Cup. It was time for them to go.