There is no way to sugercoat this pathetic performance. After last week, heck even I could not have expected this bad showing.
Sure there were some sacks, some pressure hurries and overall the panicking in the pocket by KJ.
The throws were hurried, but overall he looks like a deer in the headlights, slow and unsure of himself.
The stats are so bad, like Lefors like numbers a few weeks back. 7 for 14 and 57 passing yards for three quarters worth of work.
Sure Pickett did much better, but he is not first string material and needs alot of work.
What do the Argos do next, well Pickett can play next week but he did that last year and was unable to do much in the two starts.
Something drastic is required, like for HC Andrus first needs to admit his fascination and this nonsense of Joseph being his QB was a mistake.
Like Kelly in Winnipeg who admitted at half time he realized they needed drastic changes, well then it was more then evident at half time that we need to take equally as drastic measures.
Casey Printers need to be at practice on Monday, no questions asked.

Well you have 4 more Forums to post the EXACT same post.. keep on truckin pal!!

Line problems. Receiving depth problems. I do believe Printers may be on line two soon, but, you see, WE'VE LIVED THROUGH THIS HERE ON's multilevel offensive dysfunction and unless that line gets fixed, nothing else matters.

Oski Wee Wee,


WOW! what more funny? Watching the Argos get spanked, or watching the TSN crew describe how thier beloved and biased team the Argos looked so so bad in every area? It was cute how they mention the only other team to ever be shut out was us two years ago then picked Eakin! Typical Toronto Bias TSN! :roll:

So you don't think its relevant to have this discussion with the people of the Hammer, who love our Argos dearly and are equally in the dumps as we are with this performance?

Short answer?


Yes, we have seen firsthand what happens when you depend on Woodard to be a starting tackle. :slight_smile:

We have needed to have our O-line improve and needed to go-to receiver. A QB upgrade may have helped. But bringing in Printers did not do much for us, and it may not do much for blue team, for similar reasons.

Picard and the overhyped Murphy are no better.

They can always trade for Bishop!!

There's an idea, I'll bite.

To be 100% honest, Joseph has 1 good year in the CFL. Every other year he has been a mediocre QB at best.

The Argos need to blow their team up. They have some young talent but it's the old vets, Joseph, Woodard and Murphy that they can't build a team around.

The Argos have gotten by on their defense ever since Flutie left. They are finding out this year that you can't just throw players into the fire and expect success.

I think the most interesting thing is what happens with Andrus. To me, he hasn't picked up the CFL game at all and dumps his best player after a couple of games. I think he will last this year and maybe 4 games into next year at the most.

I hope the Argos go into hibernation for the next 5 years.

Bias? After the game Randorf and the panel chuckled out loud over how bad the Argos are. Randorf cited Eakin (more laughs) because he was the QB of the last team that was shut out (Cats) Dunnigan defended the Argos D which was true, how bad their O-line is which is also true. Schultz talked about MTL. Where was the bias?

If anything, TSN tilts in favour of West teams ,imo, especially SSK and in the East MTL. They procalimed SSK to have the best fans and the best atmosphere yadda, yadda but cant seem to say the team has gone downhill since Austin left. In the East the only thing left for TSN to do is have Cahoon and Calvillo get married at the 55 since they can't milk the Stegall receiving record stuff anymore.

I can’t remember which panelist said what, but one of them (Schultz maybe?) commended someone on the Montreal defense for doing their homework to find a specific weakness in Rob Murphy’s game that they were able to exploit. In general however, there seemed to be a tendency to express things in terms of Montreal playing exceptionally well rather than Toronto playing badly. I suppose if they ragged on Toronto too much they’d also get flack from Als fans for not giving the Als credit.

I think Schultz did a column or something earlier in the year where he asked for feedback about the style of the panel (e.g. balance of praise for the good versus criticism of the bad, etc).

I think all this stuff about alleged bias in favour of the Argos or other teams, or against the Ticats, by the media (or the referees for that matter) is baloney. They're trying to do their jobs and they do them well for the most part.

I agree it is a difficult matter to get the balance right between praising the good versus criticizing the bad; there's no correct answer to this. I thought the balance was just fine on last night's broadcast, as it is most times.

The Als were good, the Argos were bad-- the Als weren't perfect and the Argos weren't awful in all respects-- after all, they only gave up 25 points to the top offence in the league.

I agree. Joseph is done!

But I've NEVER thought he was very good.

When he was with Ottawa I hated his playing style. All he did was pump fake, pump fake, RUN!

He's the Mike Vick of the CFL. Lots of talent... just not as a QB.

I like seeing the Blue Team lose but I like seeing all 8 teams compete.

I hope TO drops him and signs JP Losman when the UFL shuts it's doors! :stuck_out_tongue:

8) JP Losman ??? Oh please !!! :roll:
  If anyone is going to get the phone call, I would bet it is Mr. Printers  !!!

  Desperate times call for desperate measures  !!!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

And Danny Mac was done in 03… :roll:

The Argos o-line are horrible though, I hope they keep it up though, that would be good!

Joseph is struggling for multi layered reasons as was mentioned above.
We've seen this before in Tiger Town(cough) and we've fixed it this year finally.
Bringing in Casey Printers?
Why not find and develop a QB for once ,when is the last time the Argos developed a QB?
Most years they depend on thieving players from other teams,signing them as free agents.
After watching the smirk on one of your assitant coaching staff last game as you beat our Cats I rather enjoy this thread Argo Tom ,keep posting similar good news!!!:0)