There is no way to sugercoat this pathetic performance. After last week, heck even I could not have expected this bad showing.
Sure there were some sacks, some pressure hurries and overall the panicking in the pocket by KJ.
The throws were hurried, but overall he looks like a deer in the headlights, slow and unsure of himself.
The stats are so bad, like Lefors like numbers a few weeks back. 7 for 14 and 57 passing yards for three quarters worth of work.
Sure Pickett did much better, but he is not first string material and needs alot of work.
What do the Argos do next, well Pickett can play next week but he did that last year and was unable to do much in the two starts.
Something drastic is required, like for HC Andrus first needs to admit his fascination and this nonsense of Joseph being his QB was a mistake.
Like Kelly in Winnipeg who admitted at half time he realized they needed drastic changes, well then it was more then evident at half time that we need to take equally as drastic measures.
Casey Printers need to be at practice on Monday, no questions asked.

Printers is Free ..

The call should be made now.

That would make Labour Day Even More of High Impact Tilt.

Joseph did not play well last night. Other than Moreno, NO Argo played well last night.

Let's face it, Doug Flutie wouldn't have played well last night. Not with that sorry excuse for a receiving corps and that offensive line that is truly offensive. Heck last night they couldn't even effectively block for the run, which they had been doing previously. Woodard was never much as a tackle (ask Hamilton fans), but moving Ramsey over to his spot and inserting Keeping at guard sure didn't improve things. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Rob Murphy is easily the biggest free agent bust of 2009.

Comparing Andrus to that bald headed guy in Winnipeg, I have preferred Andrus as a person; he comes across as humble, pleasant, not afraid to admit to not knowing certain things, asks his veterans for advice, and I think he handled the Bruce situation properly. Contrast that with the bombastic know-it-all self-proclaimed offensive genius in Winnipeg, and Andrus comes off looking much the better.

However, one thing we can give Kelly credit for that we can't for Andrus so far is that he finally saw the light and made a switch at QB; it was obvious to everyone that LeFors isn't ready for prime time yet (if he ever will be), so to his credit Kelly swallowed his huge pride and went out and got Bishop (whether that will help long term remains to be seen).

Well Toronto's offence is now every bit as horrid as Winnipeg's was, if not worse; the problems are much deeper than just QB (offensive line, receiving corps). . . will Andrus now swallow his pride and admit that (a) maybe Joseph isn't the guy to lead this team and (b) maybe I shouldn't be doing both head coach and O/C jobs and bring in someone who knows the CFL a bit better than I . . . ?

Printers I'm sure will be in Toronto at some point.

Andrus has an offensive coordinator on his staff already. Oh sorry, he's already had his turns. Better he stick to special teams. :slight_smile:

Offensive line that can't stop a drunken midget from sacking the QB.

Receiving corps best described as Where's Waldo. No ability, no impact player, can't get open, can't help the QB out by coming back to the ball. Nothing.

Rookie head coach with no prior CFL experience who has the audacity to say that the only legit receiving threat they had (Bruce) DIDN'T actually improve the offense when on the field, LOL.

No ability to develop and draft talent effectively, forcing the team to rely on overpriced free-agent signings that turn out to be huge busts (see Murphy, Rob).

Honestly, QB is the least of your worries. The team itself is in shambles.

I"ll say.

One of the sacks last night was when the Als were using a three man line; everyone else dropped back in coverage.

So, Toronto had five guys to block three. . . and yet gave up a sack.

How can that possibly happen??

Couldn’t disagree with anything said so far.
This team is a huge mess.


I know of no bigger critic of Joseph than I !!! I have been rooting against him and the Argos since they betrayed Bishop. I do not forgive easily (in football that is) I do not watch NFL football but I still tune in to root against the Bills because of what they did to Flutie. What Argos did to Bishop was on par with what Bills did to Flutie! What Argos did to Rich Stubler was equally as bad if not worse. However I think putting it all on Joseph is really not grounded in reality.

If anybody should be gone it should be Bart Andrus! I would have Bart out of town on the 4:30 PM bus out of Toronto, Buffalo bound preferably. I think Pinball should perhaps cut ties with the Argos as well. This business that Pinball has to be connected to the team in some way, or attendance goes down is a crock. The Argos managed just fine for many years and will be just fine when he leaves. Yes he was good for the team at one time, but now is only handing out bad advice. Pinball had a hand in all the bad decisions the last few years, regardless of what some may try and tell you.

Cutting Bishop.Telling the HC Stubler who he had to play, after promising him he would have a free hand prior to hiring him. Then firing the guy. Cutting or trading a bunch of good veterans, gutting a very good team. Trading away your best receiver. The most recent blunder hiring a coach with no CFL experience. And then letting him hire asst`s without CFL experience, never been done before successfully in the CFL!! NO MONTREALS HC was not allowed to go out and hire coaches with zero CFL experience, and he was guided by the great Larry Smith, so there is no apples to apples to compare, the Argo owners down through all the management have made the Gliebermans look good.


...IF you can't at least score a single a league that offers so many ways to put up points....that speaks volumes...There's no offence ...period....Although Kelly in Wpg. may be a 'contentious character' he does know the CFL...Andrus has a long way to go in that area...It's very obvious to everyone Joseph has slipped into the back-up category, trying to be a no. 1....Take a lesson from Kelly in the Peg ( i know that's hard to do for a lot out there) but i give him credit for one thing....when he realizes the direction he's going in is WRONG...he changes course...It may be quite awhile till his team is anywhere near being a bona-fide contender...but it sure won't be because he's afraid of change...Andrus has to make adjustments quick...because this team would be hard pressed to beat a cis squad the way they're playing...And i thought my Bombers were looking bad....Now watch the stumps will shut-out the BigBlue tonight and i'll have to go sit in the corner....In any event both clubs have a lot of work to do....Andrus better get busy.. :wink:

You could always Dump your Double Blue for Black and Gold
I Feel bad for Argo Fans but not for the Argos Football Club.
For years they Ruled the Southern Ontario Roost.
Laughing at our Rebuilding Team.
Will Your Team is now a Chicken in a Pot and it come to boil.
Enjoy Battling for 1st pick next year with the Peg.

Unlike the years gone bye, we in Southern Ontario need both teams to be competative.
Now that it appears how the Cats have turned the corner, the Argos have gone in the dumper.

Argo fans laughed at your team, not the Argo club.
Your laughing at us, Bob Young isn't.
It's only week 6 and there is plenty of time for the Cats to start losing AGAIN.
Oh, by the way, who is one of the teams that the struggling Argos beat in their own home? Hamilton! In fact the Argos still rule Ontario as they are undefeated in this province this season.
Battling for first pick. LOL its an 8 team league where only 2 dont make the playoffs. Once again there is plenty of oportunity for Hamilton to take control of the lead for last or any other teams.

Appearances can be deceiving. There's plenty of time for the Cats to start losing and more importantly the Argos to start winning. Keep in mind, the Argos are one blown time violation play from being 3-3. In an 8 team, 18 game league, it isn't time to fold up for the year. Last season, 6 wins got you in the playoffs! Not all 8 teams can have winning records, that's mathematically impossible.

If the Cats have turned the corner, it only took what, 7, last place, losing seasons? Wow, the Argos struggled last year and are off to a slow start but the sky isn't falling yet, just a little cloudy.

My heart goes out to Joseph, he never had a fair chance in Toronto.
He and Bishop were both jerked around.
It just gets worse each year for the Argos.
I have been an Argo fan for about 5 years but Winnepeg is looking good to me.
I really like Bishop; and that is not to take anything away from Joseph.
We have zero offense, last year Joseph got clobbered and the same thing is happening this year.
And as for giving away our best reciever; Arland has done some silly things but it wasn't the time to give him away.
We are turning into a white collar football team.....boring.
Sorry, for the rant....I am just so frustrated. I love the CFL, but it saddens me the Argos are becoming a joke.

I feel sorry for the two owners, David and Howard who are great guys and want nothing better than to bring a winner.

It saddens me also to see the joke the Argos have become. Not a Joseph fan really, but they are making him the scape goat. Bishop should have been the guy, but thats past now...Go Bombers!!!

The owners brought everything on themselves! There is plenty of advice they could have gotten around the league, such as a David Braley, or any number of CFL officials etc. They would have told them....DONT hire some guy without CFL experience, and certainly do not let him go out and hire his own assts also without CFL experience. There was so many good people in the CFL that would have made a good HC, people that actually understand the game.

They had a good coach in Rich Stubler, but they would not let him coach.

Don't feel sorry for them. They're the ones who chose to keep Rita and Mohns, who have done an ace job of messing up a team that won the Grey Cup just five years ago. If management isn't sound, nothing works.