There is no way to sugercoat this pathetic performance. After last week, heck even I could not have expected this bad showing.
Sure there were some sacks, some pressure hurries and overall the panicking in the pocket by KJ.
The throws were hurried, but overall he looks like a deer in the headlights, slow and unsure of himself.
The stats are so bad, like Lefors like numbers a few weeks back. 7 for 14 and 57 passing yards for three quarters worth of work.
Sure Pickett did much better, but he is not first string material and needs alot of work.
What do the Argos do next, well Pickett can play next week but he did that last year and was unable to do much in the two starts.
Something drastic is required, like for HC Andrus first needs to admit his fascination and this nonsense of Joseph being his QB was a mistake.
Like Kelly in Winnipeg who admitted at half time he realized they needed drastic changes, well then it was more then evident at half time that we need to take equally as drastic measures.
Casey Printers need to be at practice on Monday, no questions asked.

Some sacks? The man spent half the night on his back. I'd like to see Peyton Manning or Tom Brady have a good game when their O-Line is constantly failing them. But not only that... COACHING! Joseph's rushing yards were horrible. Does anyone remember his rushing yards when he was with Saskatchewan? He rushed for 737 yards and 13 TDs. They NEED to let him rush the ball. If they do that, then the passing game will open up. Well, it will once they get a receiver worth a damn. That's another issue with Toronto.

He is not a pocket passer and dropping back into the pocket as he did is a recipe for disaster.
Roll outs, screens, swing passes etc. was necessary.
Bad schemes and improper execution spells an unheard of shutout. I am also starting to wonder about Andrus an an OC.

The reason Andrus isn't having the success that Trestman had last season is that Trestman surrounded himself with assistant coaches with plenty of CFL experience, and learned the CFL game. Andrus surrounded himself with coaches with NFLE, NCAA, and XFL experience, and tried to force those brands of football into the CFL, like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Two of their assistants have 1 year CFL experience. The rest have none, except for Burratto, the only CFL coach on the staff. And do they make him offensive co-ordinator? No, he's the Receivers coach or some other such nonsense.

Is Andrus the offensive coordinator? I notice it's not a part of his title on the Argos' web site, but no one else has that job title either. If so, that's a huge mistake. Toronto needs an OC who KNOWS the CFL game, not one who's trying to learn it, while also attempting to be the head coach. Even a guy who knows the CFL inside and out shouldn't try to do too many jobs, especially in their first year. Just ask Matt Dunigan.

Yes that is a reason, however the major other factor BigDave is the Als have better talent especially on the offense.

sad thing is joseph's their best option right now. i think this is a combination of poor offensive line, weak receivers, and poor coaching. like 3rd and inches and you hand the ball to your running back and drive to the outside???....i understand the frustration of a shutout loss but let's be reasonable. I don't think Printers would do much better without anyone to throw to.

....Andrus is learning the hard-way....You don't continue on with a qb. that is NOT getting the job done....ask Mike Kelly??? :wink: I would add however...Murphy and Picard are looking like a bust as well..IF..Andrus has a handle ,on any nfl talent ,the quality of Medlock, for a couple of key positions....he better start the air-lift... :wink:

Agreed pappy.
Instead of being reactive now due to a crises, this should all have been reviewed and resolved in the off season or pre season.
Being proactive was the key.

I along with probably everyone thought the Argos would be vastly improved with their 2 big O-line signings. Murphy used to be a beast....a bad ass guy that everyone loved to hate but he did his job and he did it well. Last year his play dropped off...he was abused in the Western Final....and it looks like it's continued in Toronto.

The only thing the word 'Pathetic' describes, is Toronto's Offensive Line. The man had no time at all. I have great seats to see the play unfold, and NO Argo receivers were open. So naturally, Joseph should run for the first, only problem, he was swarmed and had nowhere to go.

I think Toronto should get rid of Joseph, only because I feel Joseph deserves better. When Pickett came in, Montreal wasted no time getting at him either.

Joseph is not at fault here, and I can't believe I am defending and Argo. The argos are a divided football team. That's my reason for why they are stinking up the place so far.

I wonder, argotom, would you have made this statement if Bishop was the Argo QB in that game?.. Seems to me your bias is clouding your judgement. KJ is not the same Qb when he was here, but then again the Argo Oline has been poor for a long time now.. just ask Avery or Ricky about that...

At the time last when RR's won the Grey Cup they did not over.whelm their opponent and, I remember thinking to myself that the Riders were lucky to win the Grey Cup as, Joseph did not perform well. I believe that was the point where his performances were starting to decline. Now with a disaster of a team he seems to be on the way out. As noted above their head coach did not hire Canadian assistent coaches. This is adding up to last place for the Argos and, they should begin to re-build .The team still has some good defensive talent and, the focus has to be on the offense. They should be touring the NFL camps now to look for some receivers. Joseph has to be their QB and requires the offense blocking for him to run and the head coach should be looking for some Canadian input at the coaching level. The team takes tons and tons of penalties, they certainly helped the Als last evening, to put together some long drives. This is a coaching proiblem!!

Yea right. :thdn:

well the Riders do have some problems.. but they're everywhere. Joseph for Durant and a draft pick....

...wait a second, I'm a stamps fan, what the hell am I thinking?!....nevermind...

Andrus is making the same mistake Buratto made with Joseph: trying to turn him into a pocket passer, which is not his strength. This isn't the NFL, Bart. Your prototypical CFL QB has to have some escapability and the ability to make things happen when the pocket collapses. Joseph has historically been most dangerous when he's a dual passing and rushing threat, and when throwing on the run out of pocket. Yet Andrus has him in a system that is not geared to his strength. To make matters worse, the O-line is awful, the receivers are bush-league quality, and Andrus himself is still learning the CFL game.

How the hell is any QB supposed to thrive in this system?

Well Bishop led the bombers to 82 NET yards at the half tonight., as opposed to Joseph leading the blue team to 62 NET yards at the half.... Toronto needs to trade for Bishop!!!!!

The much advertised and new O line with Woodward, Picard and Murphy have been a bust as well. Thses three have been getting beat on a regular basis and in some cases with only a three man D line.
Having said that, the scheme of Joseph staying in the pocket under the circumstance does not make any sense.

Did you watch the 2nd half? Bishop was pretty good.

Yeah, but his story neve changes: he teases you with something amazing, and then when it matters most, he breaks your heart.