Joseph haters

To all the new KJ haters out there. Wtf? Joseph did nothing wrong. He won league MVP. If you won league MVP wouldn't you want more money!? KJ didn't insault us fans, he wanted to stay, the difference between him, and Burris is that Burris wanted out.

FYI: Today on Off The Record, when KJ was asked what he is going to miss most about Saskatchewan, he said the fans! So lay off the guy, he did nothing wrong, and as soon as he leaves we're going to start treating him like we treat Burris. wtf?

Go Riders,
We miss you KJ!

I 100% agree. If i'm pissed off at anyone (which i'm not) it would be Tillman.



Very well said. I respect ET, but this was his call and not KJs. Kerry brought us a Cup, and he brought it with class and dignity. My anger is directed as the fact that we screwed him over. He took a major cut, and deserved a bump up given what he did. He brought his end of the bargain, we cheaped out. Further, my anger is also placed in the fact that while having this new "fire sale", we probably didn't to lose Hunt, Perry, Holmes. It was like cutting the nose off in spite of the face. So, I am placing my faith in ET, I'm sure he has a bigger plan, but I'm starting to wonder what that may be, I'm just confused. I know Hopson must have faith in ET, because if I was on the board, I'd be asking some pretty big questions.......maybe ET will surprise us. He's known for that.

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Please I hope nobody on this forum are being referred to in this Mitchell Blair Blog

Stunned yes, shocked yes.

Mad at someone? Nope. Angry no.

Shyt happens.

Yes I think we shoulda given KJ more $ Yes I think he has earned it & he deserves it.

Glad to hear Toronto is willing to give it to him, sad that we didn't.

To me it makes sense to do what ET did. In my mind sooner or later KJ will be worth less, right now would be the best time to trade him if not then you keep him until??? I'm thinking too long & that may not be the best solution.

Tough decision to make, funny how some people seem it's so simple.

Business is cruel especially this one but someone has to make the decisions.

I'm looking forward to this season, don't know what will happen, & I couldn't possibly believe anyone who would be so bold as to tell me what will happen this season.

Too many speculators.

At the end of 2007 I was thinking of getting a jersey of my three favourite players, Joseph, Holmes and Fantuz. I finally decided on Fantuz cause I knew Joseph and Holmes would not be around forever. Ofcourse I never thought it would be this short. There should be no hatred of anyone in this deal. I agree with the above, Joseph won us the grey cup with class and we should wish him the best, same way we did with Austin. And this year, maybe we don't have as good a year, but why should that be anyones fault, we have had 87 bad years and 3 good ones, why is that all of a sudden ET's fault. Heck Joseph could get get hurt in the first game and then it is up to Crandall anyways. All the best KJ

You should have picked Corey Grant or something. After this year Fantuz is in the option year of his deal, and he's publicly stated he has NFL aspirations...

lol I got at KJ jersey for Christmas. lol(shit)

So the difference to you between KJ and Burris is that Burris asked to leave? and this warrents one being public enemy #1 while the other is respected and praised? That is total edited.

While I personally don't know the details of the negotiations between KJ and ET, my position definatly assumes that ET did offer KJ more money, but KJ stuck to his $350,000 demand. If this is the case, than how did KJ go from 'i'll be sticking around for '08' to 'cia later' ? ... money.

Joseph, in interview, said no offer from Tillman came.

while that may be the case, Why would he say he will be sticking around for 08, then edit off?

All facts aside, why wouldn't we want to make his game in Regina hell? He is playing for an opposing team, and it totally works against Burris. If you ask me, we owe it to our new QB to affect Joseph's game as much as possible.

I guess I agree with whoever said cheer him in intro, then he is the opponent. This, since apparently Tillman did expect KJ to stay at his current pay... that is just lame.

Uhhh....he took off because he was traded? Just a thought there...


we are getting circular here. There are reasons why he was traded. Seriously...

Yeah…we all know it…thanks for point it out…

Likening this situation to Burris is ludicrous.

I don't hate KJ! I'll boo him though when Toronot plays the Riders. Nothing personal. He's just on the wrong team now. He left because football is a buisness. I'll boo him cause making noise and giving the Riders D a better chance to succeed is my (and all us fans) buisness. Nothing personal. Just Football!

KJ did alot in getting us to the Grey Cup with his pay cut and play. I haven't and won't forget that. The difference between Joesph and Burris is that unlike Burris, now that Joesph is not a Rider, I still respect him.

I agree with you.
Like I said before, when you win a Cup, and a MVP award, you deserve more money!