Joseph going south not likely

Hope your right. Wish we had signed him to a new contract right after season. Who knows? Saints may sign Joseph. Hes from Louisiana and Saints may like that. May get to find out if Crandall and Tate and Jyles can do it for the Riders.

The Saints might want KJ, but would he want to be a backup or 3rd stringer when he knows he has a starting position in the CFL? Despite the nice pay raise, most likely Kerry would say thanks, but no thanks to any NFL offers.


His NFL salary would be pretty much double to what he will make as a Rider, and thats a assuming he gets a Raise here.

He would leave in a second.

Of course he would... The man is saying "show me the money" and the NFL can do that.

$600k to stand on the sidelines and watch another QB play? The guy was in tears when he hoisted the GC last Fall. He has probably made millions in his career and is probably not hurting for dough.

I think being the No. 1 QB and the main man, if only in the CFL, would mean more to him than being a "nobody" in the NFL, but perhaps with bigger paycheques. He has worked his whole career to get to this point and be taken seriously as a QB, after being shunned by the NFL/NFLE at that position.

He has finally made it and would be unlikely to throw all that away for a measly few hundred thousand. He just wants the money from the contract he originally signed, which would still put him in the bottom tier of starters in the CFL.

It's comes down to respect and that is one quality which may be lacking with E. Tillman...(i.e. publically badmouthing Perry after trading him or meddling in the Argos front office affairs or calling Wally bush league for standing up for his players, ect.)

I totally agree with the title of this thread.

This is just one person's opinion but I think the only reason Kerry Joseph is getting a look from the Saints is because his agent managed to convince New Orleans to give him a look as a contract bargaining ploy.

Kerry Joseph is a player who is from Lousiana, went to college in Lousiana, and is trying out for the Saints. Free agent invites and tryouts are always full of players with ties to city or state the NFL franchise is in.

Plus, there is the fact that he would have to make the team as a clear cut back up for the Saints to justify paying him a veteran's minimum salary like they are required to.

Finally, if that rumour of Sean Payton not having even known Kerry's name, then that is a pretty good indication he won't be around for long. The only reason I say that is because Payton is a pretty hands on coach and his expertise is with quarterbacks, whether is it coaching or mentoring them. So chances are he would be aware of a new quarterback that had a shot of making his club.

So I think when it is all said and done, I would say that Kerry will be back in Rider green and I think Tillman knows that and picked up Jyles just to hedge his bets.

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