Joseph going south not likely

Apparently Sean Payton was asked about Kery Joseph coming down to tryout and he asked Who??
Granted it all depends on the Coaches style, but you would think that if the HC doesn't even know who you are, its a long long shot to make the team.

I'll try to find a link later, heard it on the radio this morning.

One coaches ignorance about a player who was a starter in the NFL for over 5 seasons is not conclusive evidence that Joseph has no chance down south.

One head coaches ignorance about a Quarterback who is going to be trying out for his own team, and "was a starter in the NFL for over 5 seasons", while not conclusive evidence (which by the way I did not present as such), is a pretty good indication that Joseph is a long shot to make the team.

I spoke with the Saints media relations guy last week for my Arena Football column. The tryout is on their calendar.

In the Saints' organization, area scouts, the personnel department, and position coaches handle workouts. It's not unusual at all that Payton wouldn't be in the loop.

Yeah... I dont think its that big of a deal... I would strongly disagree that the HC would know every player trying for his team. Thats unrealistic.

If he still doesn't know who he is after the workout/tryout, that is one thing.
Not knowing who he is now is another.

Not to mention, Billy, you haven't exactly provided us a reliable source at this point.
Who asked the coach, and what were the circumstances and was this "rumour" 3rd hand information which you now make 4th hand with that post. Etc., etc.
Did somebody ask him about KJ in a formal radio interview, or did somebody trap him in an elevator and while annoying the crap out of him, asked about KJ?

This was my thinking. The HC would probably not even know about all players being worked out until somebody caught the eye of those doing the tryouts.
I would imagine Kerry will have to show he can be the Saints #1 backup at least to justify the 600,000 he would have to be paid. I think he is good enough, but that doesn't mean it will happen. The Saints may think at 34 he is too old to start making the transition from the CFL to NFL style. He IMO not your prototype NFL QB.

K. Joseph really started to dominate last season. Despite being 34, considering his strength, mobility and arm, there is little doubt he would be an great NFL QB...and probably a far more effective QB than V. Young or M. Vick will ever be. The biggest factor is that Joseph is now "smart", too, and this is the most important asset for an NFL QB.

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Thanks for the link Billy.
It wasn't that I didn't trust you, but this forum is run amok with rumours most of the time.

Anyway, this:

If that's the case, it's news to Saints head coach Sean Payton.

"I don't know anything about it,'' Payton told Ed Willes of the Vancouver Province during Super Bowl week. "Really, who is he?''

Still doesn't give us much context, and still doesn't look like a formal interview so much as maybe Willes and Payton might have shared an elevator for a few seconds...

Anyway, the main point is again, if AFTER the try out, Payton still has no idea who he is, that wouldn't be good.

I can't believe this is even a story... :lol:

Realistically, he doesnt have much of a shot, IMO. He would be behind the 8-ball from the start, his experience in the NFL is primarily as a DB. He doesnt suit the NFL style of QB, which is why he was converted to a defensive back by the Seahawks in the first place.

I guarantee you that the 34-yr-old grizzled veteran with the rippling muscles and decade of professional coaching and weight training you see today, is not the same 21-yr-old rookie QB they might of scouted in college.

That being said, there is no way KJ will want to be anybody's backup. He knows he probably only has a couple of good years left and I'm sure he would rather be an underpaid starter in Regina rather than a high paid bench warmer in the NFL.


I agree! It has happened before Flutie and Dickenson as examples.

yep, and J. Garcia playing six years in the CFL didn't seem to hurt his chances at playing in the NFL either :slight_smile: Let's face facts. The NFL had absolutely no interest in Garcia, despite him coming off the bench in the 4th quarter of the East/West Shrine Bowl? and throwing 3 td passes to lead his team to a come-from-behind victory.

Not sure how he ended up in Calgary, but I know Coach Buono said he was very close to being cut in training camp and only an injury to another QB kept him on the roster. Garcia apparantly didn't look that great in practice, but get him in the game, and its lights out, baby! :slight_smile:

In many ways QBing in the CFL is much more difficult than in the NFL. If you can become a top-ranked QB in the CFL, it is very likely you would be a shoe-in to have success down south. Dave Dickeson was the highest rated QB through the Chargers training camp and preseason, over D. Flutie and D. Brees. He led the Chargers to a come-from-behind victory in the last preseason game with a last second td pass, couragously hanging in the pocket and throwing at the last second...while absorbing a tremendous hit head-on, in only the Dickenson fashion. He dressed for all 16 games that season but they never let him try a pass.

Kerwin Bell when he went to play with Indianapolis had a red-hot 8 of 9 passing streak going in the first half leading the Colts to a touchdown and the lead while replacing an injured starter, while a rookie P. Manning took notes from the sidelines.

There have been few CFL QB's that have done well in the NFL, mainly because they simply were not given the opportunity, not because they lacked the ability to play.

You can add Sean Salisbury to that list as well, won a GC with Winnipeg and went on start for the Vikings among others.

And Salisbury wasn't even any good....

I remember hearing Al Michaels say that Sean Payton was a QB in the CFL at some point long ago.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing Joseph as a starter for the Riders in 2008. I can't see him making the NFL (again).