Joseph coming back or signing? RiderLand Know!

What will happen with Joseph, dedline in few days to sign with NFL Saints or come back to the CFL. What is the status on Joseph?

he's gonna be back. no nfl team wants a 34 year old QB from Mcneese state, and had only a few decent years in the CFL. If he's lucky he makes Atlanta as a special teamer. not putting you down Kerry, but the nfl dream is long over. there you go wspidel, a valid reply.

You do realize that he had a workout with the New Orlean Saints right?

That's not to say he's going to make the team, as I honestly don't know, but he at least had interest from one team.

EDIT: I guess New Orleans didn't offer him a contract, so he has a few more days to sign with another team or his rights revert back to the Riders.

Ah what the heck Duster Tillman does not believe in contracts. You do not want a qB that does not want to be there do you. Much like a HC right. Kidding thats not start that again. :lol: :lol:

It's not me you need to worry about starting up that junk again :wink:

I really think Kerry wants to be here, he just wants a bit of a raise, which is probably justified.

Of course it is. If you are going to take money away from him for not performing, then you better pay him when he does.

You be gm. Joseph says he wants to get big raise. Give him $50,000? Give him $100,000? Give him $150,000? He said like Printers didnt he.

Well with winning the big game last year he should get no less then $200,000 raise lock him for three more years.

I'm confused. Riders made record profits in 2007 (as reported on another thread) and they can't sign players to keep them happy. (Joseph, Hunt.....) Gee, everyone out here in BC is all signed and sealled away for another season. Wally is busy working on Contract extensions now.

Mikey, I think you've got me convinced to jump on your "Dump Tillman bandwagon"! :wink: :wink:

I would say $125,000 - $175,000.

I guess the big question, Sporty, is how much cash did BC spend on the "loophole"?
Some teams reportedly spent between 700,000-1,000,000.
All those that think maybe the BC "you can't see my books" Lions, and "we oppose the cap" Leos might have been one of the teams in that range, please raise their hand?
I have my hand up.
Anyway, let's do some speculating.
If they did spend say 700,000--the lowside number, that is 400,000 more than the Riders.
Suddenly, the reason you have so few free agents this year makes a lot of sense.
The chickens likely won't come home to roost in lotus land until next year--2009.
Possibly not even fully until 2010.
After that, I doubt any players in the league will have their salaries skewed by the "loophole.
Then we shall see.

And I'll give Wally credit for running a tight ship to begin with....

Actually its funny you mentioned loop holes, here's one we discussed last night at the local pub.

Suppose you charge a sponsor. $5,000 per game to advertise in 2007. 10 games x $5,000 = $50,000. Lets say that sponsor was ABC Chevrolet. Next year, I am raising my advertsing fees to $7,000 per game, but I tell ABC Chevrolet that they are a preferred sponsor and the rate remains the same, except when my star player comes to buy a pickup truck, you have to give him a $15,000. credit. I now tell my star QB that instead of a $15,000 signing bonus, he can go to ABC Chevrolet and whatever vehichle he buys there, it will be $15,000 less.

So, the Team doesn't show it on their books. Star QB gets a $15,000 bonus in a round about way. and ABC Chevrolet saves $5,000 in advertsing fees.

I know, things like this discussed over Beers can be trouble, but what a perfect Salary Cap loop hole!

Creative. Could work. But likely too many beers...

I am going to give the league just a modicom of credit, and assume something that obvious and simple is something they will be looking for.
It would clearly have cap ramifications if uncovered, and any forensic accountant worth his salt would figure that one out in about 20 minutes....
I'm not saying if players are heading down to deal with Nate Davis, he isn't giving them "special" rates because they are players.
But it still needs to all be within the concept of regular business, ie., the car dealership and Nate are trying to make a few bucks.
New vehicles is one of the first places a forensic accountant will look for perks....

Im sure they would spend their profits if they could. The problem is the cap!
If there were at the cap last year, then all they can give is 150,000 for the entire team this year

Arius, you give the league credit, maybe, but I look at Mark Cohon as the invisible man, can never seem to find him. (It took how long for him to comment about the NFL in Toronto????) If you can't find the Comish, how can you find the loop holes. :lol: :lol:

Did I mention I miss Tom Wright?

Next week we'll switch to something harder at Pub night. See if we can dream up some more "loop holes"! :wink: :wink:

...sounds good sport...but for the fact you forgot the 'whistle blower' act..IF ,,,someone catches wind of special side deals made by a team that appeared to be a way to circumvent the sms...there could be an investigation by the league and the logical consequences would follow... nice try though... :wink:

Investigation by the league? Will it be just as quick as the Jimenez hearing?

At that rate, we can cheat this year, and by the time the league has a hearing, I will be dead of old age!

....all i can say 'big brother' er ..ummm, i mean Cohon ,is watching..that's why they call him Mr. Invisible...he could be around every cornor.. :lol: :lol:

Amen on Tom Wright!!
Did you hear him on the radio the other night?
I'd dump Cohon in a heartbeat if Tom wanted the job back....

Anyway, fortunately, it isn't Cohon's job to ferret out the numbers...that is why they hired a forensic accountant.
Anyway, looking for "loopholes" sounds like an excellent rationale for getting together.
And if a few beer just happen to be consumed in the process, so be it!!

And Wally will need those "loopholes" in the next couple of years.... to agree with you Arius...based on Cohons performance to date...Wright looks pretty good...i know its actually the forensic accountants who are the numbers'll all pass over the desk at the head-office eventually....and that's when Mark Cohon will spring into action....just like he's been doing :wink: :lol: