Joseph and Pickett dumped by argos

.....according to sportsnet, both Joseph and Pickett will be let go on Mon.....Argos will certainly be looking for an experienced pivot and with Buck Pierce almost a cast-off in B.C.....who wants to lay a bet on who the next qb. in T.O. is???? :wink: ...and how long does Bucky last on a leaky ship?????All conjecture at this point....but you have to wonder???? :roll:....The writing has been on the wall for awhile now concerning Pickett????Barker is certainly starting from scratch..

I like what the Argos are doing.

They ship out Talbot and Smith (two spare parts) for DT Taylor.
The signed Gagne-Marcoux and Byron Parker.
They just re-signed Middlebrooks.
They realize they have nothing at QB, and are going to start fresh there.
They have the first pick in the draft (trade bait in a deal for MacPherson?).
They will probably sign DeAngelis (Obie thinks he is asking too much for a guy who just kicks field goals, and DeAngelis and Barker go back a long way).

It's too bad Toronto lost Shivers and Poole to FA But you can't re-sign everybody.

Barker is doing a good job of righting the ship there, in my opinion.

If they can land McPherson, then yes, they are definately on the right track.

I wonder if LAPO will be interested in Joseph? We already have five Pickets right now. He did work with Joseph in Sask. didn't he?

I actually think I would prefer Joseph here over Bishop. He is more mobile, and has thrown 22 more TD's than interceptions. Mike has thrown 10 more interceptions than TD's. I'd hate to see Mike go, because I love the guys attitude, but he may no longer be the best available option for the team. I take back my paper bag comment I made about Joseph.

......knowing Popp......even a first round draft pic wouldn't be enough to secure McPherson :wink:
......DeAngelis is a possibility for the arenogoods.....
....Byron Parker is a good signing :thup: ....Middlebrooks is older and injury prone :thdn:

....all in all Mr. Barker has A LOT of work to do... :wink:

MacPherson would cost the Argos that #1 overall pick and a quality Canadian starter. But when you presently have NO ONE at QB (like the Argos), and are trying to build with a quality young QB like MacPherson, instead of saying "no way" when Popp asks for, say, Eiben or Bradwell, Barker will say to Popp, "Take your pick."

BOOM…boy if I was Winny I would pick up Joseph in a heart beat if he was content to be a back-up.
If his attitude is right ( and I have no reason to think otherwise) then hes a much better option than Bishop to back-up Lefors or Jyles (or pick other combos).
This would be a very good pick-up IMO…very good. Hes a pro. No whining, can still play, and is a decent teammate from what I gather.
I really hope this comes to pass.

  1. No whining. . . weren't he and Bishop both whining about playing time when they were both in Toronto, before Bishop was shipped out to Regina?

  2. Can still play. . . are you quite sure about that? I'm not. His last 2 seasons have been pretty dreadful. Not all his fault I grant you, under 2 different coordinators they were trying to make into something that he is not and never has been, a pocket passer; but that said isn't some of it at least his fault? Might his legs finally be gone?

  3. Decent teammate. . . maybe maybe not I do not know.

as I say, if he is content to be a back-up.

you ask fair questions…my comments are based on him as a back-up. Your implications are as a starter I’d guess. And I’m certainly comfortable saying that those who played with him classify him as a good teammate.

I think the Bombers should bring Joseph into training camp if he's willing to take a backup role, and not a starter's role (i.e. tell him ahead of time, "you have no shot to be starter, but we value your experience in helping to teach a young starting QB the ropes from the sideline, and occasionally relieving him if he's in over his head"). But LaPolice should definitely cut Bishop before bringing Joseph in. Those two feuded over playing time in Toronto. You can't have them in the same locker room now. I'm not sure LaPolice will play the Joseph card, because in his presser, LaPolice seemed to be a fan of Bishop. But maybe that was just all talk...saying the right things.

Bishop just can't get it done in big games, and he was a Kelly guy. Joseph would bring in a fresh attitude, and has more upstairs than Bishop, so he could actually tutor Jyles (of whichever young guy LaPolice chooses as starter).

Apparently Bob Irving was on Power 97 on Friday and said that Bishop was going to be released. I guess we'll have to see what's next. I don't want the Bombers going into the season without a vet QB on the roster so if that means trying to get Joseph for a cheap price then I'm all for it.

irving has lost some of his credibility in my opinion the last couple years but at the same time, i agree. listening to how lapo talks about the qb's, bishop certainly wont be brought back. Joseph? guess it couldnt hurt if the price was right but again id rather not. I dunno. i dunno. im glad i dont make these decisions thats for sure.

....I'm not sold on Joseph anymore....His abilities have gone south and he's too expensive...It is a little unnerving to think we 'could' go into 2010 without a proven vet. again....and that could be fact in the not too distant future, cuz i also believe Bishop is done in the Peg.....IF the argos go after McPherson...that would most likely mean Pierce is still available (although that's not written in stone either as he could still remain a leo)... In any event,that scenario is also expensive ...We could find ourselves in quite a quandry ...All i can say it's a good thing we have some quality people at the wheel now....we're gonna need em... :wink:

LaPolice has lots of options, but no sure-fire answers. No matter who he has or brings in at QB, he will be rolling the dice.

Well going into the season without a 'proven' vet at QB might be a bit of a risk. . . but Saskatchewan did pretty darn good last season. . . Durant wasn't proven at the start of the season, and he took his team to the Grey Cup.

Maybe one of Lefors, Santos, Dimichele or Jyles will be 2010's Durant. . .

What a gift, I would dump Bishop in a second for Joseph as a veteran back up for our youngsters.

Joseph has been a proven starter in the league, unlike Bishop, he knows how to run an offence, unlike Bishop, he has worked successfully with our coaches in the past, this is a no brainer.

Where in the past has Joseph worked with your coaches?

How long were LaPolice and Barresi with the Riders ?

LaPolice was there in 2007 when they won the GC, not sure about Barresi.

Oh, right...LaPo was a position coach in 2007. Baressi was not there, however.

No matter, LaPolice says not interested, sounds like Bishop will get his walking papers soon as well, Bombers want to get younger at QB. Guess we didn't learn anything from last year.

Guess not Piggy, if they do not pick up Joseph they should at least keep Bishop around but whatever... Maybe Lapo is a miracle worker and can actually pull off what mike kelly attempted last season