Joseph an Argo?

I enjoy the thought very much but I'm not sure I want to see Parker go the other way.


My prediction: Joseph for Bishop and Bruce.

no you guy cannot have joseph

go riders!

Joseph is gone

Dmont, I couldn't say yes fast enough if that was the trade... here's hopin'!

Sounds like a done deal.

To Argos: Kerry "MVP" Joseph
To Riders: Glenn January, Flemons, 2009 draft pick

Kerry Joseph for DE Ron Flemons (no loss), OT Glenn January (he's good), Argos 1st round pick (that hurts) and a future draft choice, (probably a conditional pick).

I predicted this trade a few weeks ago, but thought Bishop would be going the other way. This leaves the Riders with a bunch of back up QB's IMO.
So ok where does this leave Mike Bishop? back to being a back up or will he now be traded?

Send 'em somewhere. Rocky's a good enough backup, and Bishop is worth something on the market. We'd have a chance to replace some of the guys we lost.

(attention, low blow alert) long as sask is in a giving mood... how about bishop for fantuz??? :wink: I'm sorry that wasn't necessary.

im in football heaven this season....30 min drive to see printers and the tabbie, and an hour drive to see joseph and the argos!!!!!!!!

Am I correct to say the word "fleeced"?

And now... what happens, yet again, to Bishop?


I hope you guys aren't expecting another first place finish. I think our receiving corps made Joseph appear to be much better than he actually is.

So can we have Rocky back??? hurry up and cut him (please don't cut us Allen) lol

Argo press conference on now. Bishop doesn't look as happy as Joseph. lol
Kerry gets #4, so Andre Talbot gets a new number.

Interesting they would sign Bishop through 2010. That ties up almost 20% of the entire cap in 2 players. Didn't follow the Argos so not sure but is Bishop content playing career back up? Both the Argo's and the Stamps will have times this coming season where a QB controversy may come up.

He seems content in interview… hopefully it was genuine. I think he’s come to realize that at any time a player can get hurt and thus it’s better to be stronger as a team than perhaps a bit stronger in the wallet.

Also, where would he have gone? Arena league again? I’m not sure he’d be an automatic starter on any team in the CFL so that would have some influence. And would he make more bucks in the AFL?

Unreal Riders: We are expecting a first place finish due to the fact that we have a good receiver core and a very strong defence… oh, and we fleeced your team for your MVP too.

What’s Talbot’s number now? Cripes I was just about to place an order for his jersey until I heard of the trade…

My take on Bishop being signed through 2010, was that the Argos had already signed him previously and hadn't annouced it yet.
They have also still retained Damon Allen on the roster. Surely they don't believe some team is going to trade a draft pick for him. Don't know why else they would keep him on their roster, I don't believe he's in their plans this year.

according to, damon is goin to retire and accpet a position with the argos in some way, shape or form.

That's good news. I'd hate to see him try to hang on. He needs to be remembered for his good times in the league.

It will be a very close race between WPG and TO this season for first in the east. but you guys lost a lot of weapons.

The loss of younger weakens your secondary, not sure who you have waiting in the wings but you should hope hes good..

The loss of O'shea will sting, though you still have 3 other VERY good LB's. Solid D Line. But more holes in an already poor offence? and a bit of a weker defence this year as well.

unreal sask fan or whatever his user name is may be right.. Joseph had Flick, Dominguez, Murphy, Fantuz, etc. thats a real good group.

toronto has Bruce and Talbot? lost miles, still very unproven at RB(although Joseph and these young guys may be able to fill the rushing void) and you traded your Tackle. your weak O line got even weaker... not sure what Joseph will be able to do... but its a good thing he's so athletic lol.

not to mention you amazing D coordnator is now the head coach, so he wont be there to necessarily be able to call the plays on D, or run his magnificant scheme.

however, TO is alwayse in the thick of things, and i expect some real competition from the ARGOS this season.

I can understand Bishop if he is not happy with this trade. He left the AFL last year to give his total commitment to the Argos under the premise he would be the starting qb. Wonder if he is now regretting that decision.

As for KJ, his MVP season was assisted by the fact that no other starting qb stayed healthy. He is a very exciting qb, but I can’t help but recall how badly Bishop outplayed him in the final game of the regular season last year.

The Argos had better upgrade the o-line too with January gone. Pearson is coming off a serious injury & Jerome Davis has resurfaced as the tackles.