joseph a cancer or a noncancer?

is it just me or ever since joseph has got back, our team has started to suck. we have a reliable qb in butler that can throw just as well as joseph. its a shame not to give him a shot.

Joseph was our QB for Labour Day, and accounted for four TDs.....Butler is not reliable yet - he had two decent games, but his numbers were low despite the victory.

Joseph a cancer? Hardly.

this is what i call, the true meaning of a BAND WAGON JUMPER!! i noticed it only your 2nd post so i will take it easy on you! Joesph is 1 on the best QB's in the CFL! What the H3LL are you talkin about a cancer or not? :roll: Butler had 3 good games in his career and you want him to go in b4 Joesph :? IMO it is just you and your opinion that thinks Joesph or our team ****:roll:

Pretty Inconsistant..personally I dont think he should be playing if not 100%.. its like expecting a race horse to win with a wonky leg....Hes always been the most effective scrambling...
yet again the Riders are trying to turn a running QB into a Pocket passer... Game plan should be Simple ,if your first read is not open... RUN.. he has trouble finding receivers after the first read and is very slow to get the ball off..

Healthy he is a very exciting QB to watch who can turn the tide of anygame..

I was at the Banjo Bowl. When KJ threw against the wind, the ball sailed. THe TDS thrown were during the quarters they were against the wind.

KJ wasn't the problem, the offense was unable to solve the Bomber defense. More crossing patterns to get MD away from Evans would have helped. The swing passes to KK and Shamar worked...wonder why they didn't continue?

is Kerry Joseph 100% healthy ? ? ?

robbiekaugie stop spreading bullshit plz

Joseph a cancer? That's halarious. This offence is at or near the top of the league in every categorie. I thought that the Riders had played well enough to win the last game, but were just a couple of plays short. The Stegall td I don't think was a catch, and Corey Grant had the ball go right through his hands for a sure touchdown which would have tied the game. I think Joseph was the best aquisition the Riders had made in a long time, and think he is one of the top quaterbacks in the league.

even if it wasnt, which it was, im not pissed at u for saying ur opinion, there was still no clear evidence to show he was in or out… they called what they had to.

[quote="BomberBoy19"][quote="greenandwhite"]The Stegall td I donI agree with you. I think for the instant replay thing to work we are going to need not quite so ghetto cameras that give you a view that is crappy. The Bombers played a good game on Sunday, and congradulations to you.

I was at the Banjo Bowl and it seemed to me that while both defenses played decently it was more a matter of the offences struggling with dropped balls and over/underthrown passes on both sides. Don't know if it was the wind or what - these teams should be used to wind playing where they do. IMHO except for the two touchdown passes KJ did not look confident out there. Is he not 100% healthy or what? Also what happened to the running game? The Riders are at their best when they can balance the running and passing game and they didn't manage to do that on Sunday.

No point whining about the Stegall TD. The officials called it how they saw it, Barrett did the right thing in challenging and the replay didn't show conclusive evidence otherwise. The Riders have no-one to blame but themselves for losing that game.

i wonder why people say crap like this one here?

i was just thinkin the same :roll: it's either

1). a fan from another club (maybe a NFL fan :stuck_out_tongue: )
2.) a lil lil kid who dont know any better
3.) or someone who is very confused :? .
I'm guessing # 2 :lol: :lol: saying joseph is not playing up to his cababilty which he needs to do. if we want a chance at a home playoff game he needs to shape up. its typical of "biggreenasshole" to be routin out ppl that are stating opinions. think about what i was saying.

joseph can play better and he will, we need to give him some time

well if thats the case :roll: , why didnt u just say that in the first place??? :? instead trying to say that Joesph was a cancer :roll: ya u stated your opinion and i stated mine :expressionless: and by the way robbie, i dont appreciate you pming me and asking me to settle down :expressionless: i dont want you pming so dont !! :cowboy: Its funny to see that you wrote "its typical of BIGGREENASSHOLE to route out ppl, when u have ony 3 posts on where, ya your a long time poster :roll:

you have to realize that its okay to see some things that need to improve. you are acting like its an insult to the riders if you want change. You can't say that only true rider fans dont want change. i am also a long time rider fan.

and just for the record i put suck and the site put it in as****

this site is messed

Why would you suggest that KJ is a cancer to the team? He makes the team better. You on the other hand, you are a cancer. a cancer to this site, and its forums