Joseph 81 yard bomb.

Just read that Damon Allen won his own quarterback challenge, wow is that guy's age ever going to catch up to him. I also read in the article that Joseph threw an 81 yard bomb, now that is just amazing. I can't wait for Armstead to get under a few of those and catch them for a touchdown.

What happened in the QB challenge means absolutely nothing, look at who won last year (Spurgeon Wynn), he was Bomber to start the year and wound up as a back up in Toronto. CFL game action will be a lot different than a QB challenge, cause no Dlineman or LBs are trying to sack you in Damon's competition....

nice attitude tool.
all he said was 81 yards is an impressive toss, nobody else can do it

If you read rammer's post , IDIOT, he goes on to say that he cant wait for Armstead to CATCH a few of those and catch them for a touchdown. All im pointing out is that in Damon's QB challenge no lineman or LBs are trying to sack him

I know there's a difference between throwing the ball 81 yards in a fun competition (ie. Damon Allen's QB Challenge) and throwing the ball 81 yards for a completion on game day. But just to know that your QB can actually do that is nice. Don't know if we'll ever see any completions for 81 yards, but a guy can dream can't he?!?

dream away, I was just responding to the "fan's" post.

An 81 yard bomb is usless if the reciever is 60 yards away!

When Dieter Brock was at an L.A Rams practice he threw a ball 50 yards between the uprights while on his that's useless.....GO RIDERS