Joseph #1

Not that it is much of a surprise but the naming of Joseph as
the Argo's starting QB gets the season off to a better start than
the '08 fiasco. Regardless of opinions as to who was better, Joseph
or Bishop, the miserable tone of last season was set when Stubler and
company created the QB controversy mess.

I always liked Bishop and wish last season could have worked out better
for him. But that is all in the past. It's great to have a #1 QB again especially
one with a Grey Cup pedigree.

Very well put..

It was sort of a pointless announcement that Joseph is #1QB in Toronto. There wouldn't have been any controversy this season even without an announcement. Who on that roster could compete with him? No one that I see. So announcing that Joseph will be the Argos' starter this season is as useful as making a formal announcement that the sky is blue.

Agreed. But it is still better than saying we're not sure what colour the sky is going to be.

Won't argue that........

Yeah that was a big surprise. Joseph the No. 1 guy.
It appears now that McNeal will continue as a WR (he did look impressive there last year, good hands) so who is the third stringer, McNeal or one of the two rookies.
I'm sure the Argo scouts are beating the bushes trying to uncover someone who can eventually take over for Joseph. Not easy anymore with the NFL having a hard time finding enough QB's. It seems now adays the US colleges are looking for NFL type QB's (6'04 6'03 230) who in most cases, after you get by the Tom Brady's and Peyton Manning's, are too slow to play in the CFL. The smaller athletic QB's get turned into WR's or DB's in the NFL. Not a hard decision when you can make 300,000 US to start, instead of starting at 50,000 Can.

I suppose one of the new QBs will be the 3rd stringer.....and mabye both of them will stick, who knows maybe Pickett gets shown the door at the end of TC.

I agree about McNeal looking good as a receiver...........and the Argos are a bit thin there so I think he'll stay there. But I'd expect him to see some QB action in a wildcat set.

.....the sky IS blue T.O. every once in a while......BUT IS IT FALLING??? really hit my funny bone sometimes MJ... :thup: :lol:


After the season Joseph had, his worst as a pro, this decision is curious at best.

Joseph had a horrible year in 2008. No doubt about it. I believe he will have a much better season than last year. The Argos didn't have a very good O-Line last year. This year, they have greatly improved their O-Line. They should give Joseph a little more time to make his reads.

Additionally, Joseph is not a pocket passer. He's at his best when he's given the opportunity to scramble. Last year, the coaching staff didn't want him scrambling. They wanted him married to the pocket. If Jospeh is allowed to get out of the pocket, he will keep defences guessing.

Look for Joseph to turn it around this year.

Agreed question but that that O-line was pretty porous last year............combine that with trying to force a square peg into a round hole (making a rollout QB into a pocket passer), and it was not a recipe for success.

With the upgrades to the O-line, and with hopefully a better offensive package more suited to Joseph's abilities, there should be an improvement this year, we shall see.

To all that add a defense that bared no resemblance to the '07 squad and you have the perfect recipe for a 4-14 season which ended with 9 losses in a row. I think we have reason to be optimistic about an improved offense this season.