Jorden Reaves accused of trafficking cocaine

Jorden Reaves facing trafficking cocaine charges again.

Man how can no one on the team know about this?

Probably because he didn't tell them. Sounds like it happened before he was even signed, and there would be no way of knowing unless he said something.

[b]Cook said police were initially targeting another person as part of an ongoing drug investigation.[/b]

"They were following his travels. They arrested Mr. Reaves in a traffic stop as his car had been parked near the targeted individual’s vehicle and a passenger had moved from one vehicle to the other," Cook said Thursday.

A quantity of cocaine was found inside the vehicle. Cook said it exceeded an amount that would have been deemed as personal use, which explains the trafficking charge.

be interesting to see what comes of it...seems he was not the target in this so perhaps he was just stupid or unfortunate for being there.

Surely there would be something in his contract voiding it should something like this arise, no???

They don't need anything in it...they can release him at any time
that said they are doing the right thing by doing nothing and waiting for the court to pass judgement. If he is guilty I would imagine he is gone...if he is not then it is not really a is not the team's place to decide guilt or not and act upon said judgement