Jordan Younger released

Was or is he any good, think he is worth a look see? From what I recall he was a solid DB!

Rather see Byron Parker here.

Not sure if he is a FA?

Younger's good, Parker's better.Both are improvements over everyone except Thompson at the position.Younger is a FA now, Parker will be a FA in aprox. 4 days.

If what Parker has been posting on Twitter and the Argonauts fan forum (yeah, he's been posting there the last few days, never posted on Edmonton's) has any grain of truth - he'll come back to the Argos if they'll have him, even if it involves a slight pay cut.

If they are not interested or significantly lowball him - all bets are off and he's fair game.

Younger is 32, and at corner you need to consider if youth is a better route to take.

Younger may not get signed because he's older :o that's irony right there.

Drat. I was too late... lol

Younger probably has enough gas left in the tank for 1 more solid season, but after that I'm not sure.

With all the management changes the team has gone through during the Bob Young Era, there has been one constant; We do not bring in veteran defensive backs. We are absolutely determined to grow our own (or alternatively, grab other teams' backups - but not their starters). But other teams seem OK with taking starters off our hands once they've cut their teeth.

Oddly enough, the defensive backfield has been a weak spot for us throughout that entire period.

I wouldn't mind seeing a change in philosophy - starting in about 4 days or so.

Sometimes I feel like I should not air my grievances, since mgmt seems to like to stick it to me.

Wayne Shaw, Richard Karikari, Donovan Carter

Time will tell over the Thompson deal but ,arguably, the only DB/corner the team ever lost over the last five years that could be called detrimental was Jason Goss.
And he didnt want to be here anyway.

I would throw Dwight Anderson on to that list too.

Anderson's discipline issues, to put it mildly, outweigh the positives.

Anderson???? Really?????? The guy was a walking talking yellow flag on the field. Couldn't get rid of that type fast enough IMO

As I indicated, I'm happy to be proven wrong. (re: Shivers and Poole signings)

He was however Calgary's outstanding defensive player nominee last year so he must be doing something right.