Jonta Woodard......has a real chance with the Skins?

Man, our O-Line could really use Jonta back but after reading this, it seems like the timing may be right for him to "crack" the Redskins line-up.....he's sparked some interest at any rate....(hopefully they learn how to spell his last name soon) :wink:

"One of the most interesting (and unknown) camp prospects on the line might be Jonta Woodward. He was lured away from the Canadian Football league for a tryout with the Redskins, and joins his Hamilton Tiger Cat teammate Jesse Lumsden at Redskin Park. With Dockery being the only player on the roster that is actually bigger than Woodward, he certainly possesses the raw physical tools to make it in the NFL. He can play either tackle position, and will likely battle all preseason for a place on a 9-man offensive line roster. He has good feet, and a mean streak a mile long, so all that remains to be seen is how he handles the improved defenders that he'll face each week."

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Good thing they are talking about Woodward, and not Woodard...

I like the part where the author already knows that Jonta has a..... 'mean streak a mile long'

Boy.....go figure!.....Jonta was a "walk-on" at a Tiger-Cat free agent camp and look at him now......

I always liked that guy and hope he does well..

If he doesn't make the team, and comes back to the CFL, then we should cut him. It's clear that he doesn't want to play in the Black and Gold. People only really like him for his looks anyways.


Wha??? He was or best O-Lineman who played the whole season last year. You want Cheatwood, Cotton, and a whole bunch of or other players cut. Come on man.

it was a lumsden joke dood...


I wish him best of luck with his NFL attempt. If it does not work out I am sure we could find a spot for him in the Black and Gold.

i honestly hopes he makes it, he deserves it! :slight_smile:

But What... i hear Habman coming...


Im kidding hab :slight_smile:

he has as much as a chance as Lumsden does!

A fairly good one?