Jones's Presser

Reading between the lines, two things subtly jump out. No interest in Collaros, no matter the cost, and going all in on Reilly, no matter the cost, IMO.

Kinda how I read it…though I’m sure they have a ceiling in mind

I like his approach of looking at everyone that is available.

Glad to see the Riders extended Jones until end of 2020.

IMHO - I don’t think we will land Reilly. I would love to see him in Rider green, but I just don’t think the stars will align on that one.

I don’t want BM - for any price. Not a fan of BM. Hope he lands and stays in the NFL.

Yes it would be nice I agree.
Always liked a ‘Reilly’ type QB as opposed to a Ricky Ray type.
Reilly always reminds me of a fullback type QB. Rough,Tough and smart. Ray not so Rough and Tough but smart.
I think Reilly fits Rough Rider Green better then Lion orange.
Would be a Grey Cup move imo

Which presser? The only one I caught was the CJME interview, and nothing like that jumped out at me ??♂?.

“Jones Focused on unfinished business with Riders” article on main page.

“You’ve got to have a guy, number one, that’s going to lead your football team,? said Jones. “You’ve got to have a guy that’s going to be there every week.

This suggests to me no Collaros no matter how cheap he could get him.

“Our organization should be like everybody else — we should be trying to get the best guy we possibly can. We owe it to our fans and we owe it to our team to look and have open eyes to everybody that’s available. It’s a good year for quarterbacks to be out there.?

This suggests to me he will be going after Reilly.

Yup, like I said, it would be a Grey Cup move

Ok, I read that right after and can see the implications.

There will be some stuff coming out on Collaros.

Reilly is a tall ask. BC is in he and his wife’s backyard.

BLM has until FA to make a decision. Huf said he will move on if he hadn’t by then. I expect them to land Jennings if that is the case, and perhaps either way.

Harris negotiations are going the same as last year, and Harris is getting pissed off. I could see him bolting. That could be to Toronto, but I’m thinking Esks. They better be careful in Ottawa. They came to a neutral deal right at FA last year…Harris could say FU this time. He wont be a Rider likely…he overasks

Oh well. There is always Willy, he’s released from the Als. :slight_smile: :wink:

I’m Guessing retirement.

Okay, from several articles I have read and this thread it seems most believe that a significant play for Reilly will be made by Jones. The question I have is what would everyone be willing to pay for Reilly’s services?
Personally I would offer to pay as much as could be afforded without going over the cap (to set the largest base price possible) and then adding approximately another $75,000 to $100,000 per year. I know this would put us over the cap but the penalty would be well within the Riders’ ability to pay. Think of the fine as a “luxury tax”. The overage costs would be more than recuperated through additional attendance at games not to mention a lot of extra merchandising and sponsorship/advertising dollars. I would not even worry about the possibility of losing a draft pick. A winning team draws players to it and there will be lots of opportunities to sign FA nationals. I would insist on a 4 or 5 year contract from Reilly though.
I do doubt however that the league would ratify or allow such a contract which is frustrating as we could afford the money and the other teams would get each get a portion of the “fine” so it could be seen as helping their bottom line as well.
Just my thoughts.

I knew it, Jones is gone, so much for unfinished business.

I was never a fan of him, but he did build one hell of a D. My only real hope is macadodo is now gone, he is the one I wanted to see gone before anyone else. gonna get interesting in the next few days and coming months.

Jone going to the Browns to coach…um…in some capacity on defense.

Defensive specialty coach, I think, Whatever that is? Doesn’t sound like a defensive coordinator though.

What is the impact of all these other coaches now. Did Jones lock them in and now Riders are stuck with them and their contracts for this year, specifically, Mcadoo?

Man what a shit situation…Here we go again after the big build up of “unfinished Buisness” my ass.
Sorry to say that is just to much like DT down south.
No professional ethics anymore…opportunity be dammed.

As an outsider here, didn’t like the man when he was here with the Argos.
He pulled the same stunt from the Esks to your team.
A total mercenary, hope he flops with this lower paying job…how is that for irony.