Jones wears Riders jersey w/Grey Cup, called disrespectful

Jones has been called disrespectful by some Esks fans for touring/showcasing the Grey Cup while wearing Riders attire.
What are the thoughts of Esks fans on these boards? Agree or disagree with this sentiment?

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
Chris Jones taking heat for wearing #Riders sweater w/ Grey Cup at National Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburgh, TN - @rodpedersen #CFL

CFL News ?@CFL_News
Some #Esks supporters have gone so far as to say Jones's wardrobe choice was "disrespectful". - @rodpedersen #CFL #Riders[/b]

I wouldn’t say it’s disrespectful but it’s definitely in poor taste.

Now all those poor folks at the National Cornbread Festival will get the wrong idea about who the Grey Cup champs are! :x

Should the commish suspend Jones for this? :lol:

First. This is a National treasure and regardless of who it is, Jones or Scherrit. That Cup should not be allowed out of the country like that.

Second. In this case the Cup is won by THE ORGANIZATION, once you are not a member of that team. You should not get to take that with you anywhere. That's why they have rings.

I can't believe the league allows the Cup to be carried around in personal cars, coffee shops, patios etc etc without any type of security measures in place.

JONES:"People can have it (Grey Cup) in their cars. I’ve had the good fortune of having it four times. It has been in the trunk of my car. It has been in my trucks. It has been everywhere you know.?

Jones and the Grey Cup at The National Cornbread Festival in Tennessee:

Riders station at the National Cornbread Festival in Tennesse:

Worst part is the Cup doesn’t even belong to the CFL ! So if it gets stolen. They will hide behind their lawyers and say Sorry Canada…

Happens all the time with the Stanley Cup, where free agency starts a couple of weeks after the Cup is awarded. This is a whole lot about nothing.

You sure about that ?

[b]How do you keep the Cup safe during public appearances?[/b]

We are usually within 10 to 15 feet of the Cup at all times. When it's on display, we have extra security and stations for crowd control.

[b]It sounds like that would be so awkward, to show up at a stranger's house and have to spend all day there. What's it like for you?[/b]

The first 20 minutes is kind of socially awkward. We show up and everybody is so excited and they’re getting their photos and they’ve got their family members there and then all of a sudden it’s “Oh yeah, Phil’s here.? Once that happens, they make you feel like you’re family for the day. It’s unbelievable. The whole [hockey] team is a family, but then you go to their real families, and you become part of that family for the day. Then you move on to the next family. And so on.

[url=] ... tanley-cup[/url]

But it's not the original Grey Cup, the carry a copy around [url=] ... cb49e9c123[/url]

This is interesting. According to this document the CFL does own it. Not sure how that came about but they do own it.

[url=] ... ty-Eng.pdf[/url]

The Grey Cup is reserved for the CFL for one week prior to the game and for the two months following the game for the TEAM that wins it. other than that...

4. Please note: The Grey Cup Trophy is not available one week prior to the Grey Cup Game, or two months following the Grey Cup game
1. A rental fee of $300.00 + HST will be charged to the Organization requesting the Grey Cup Trophy for a minimum period of four (4) hours. Events exceeding four hours will be charged a fee of $50.00 per hour. 2. The requestor must pay all expenses for a Board member, Hall of Fame staff member or individual designated by the Board of Directors to travel with and bring the Grey Cup Trophy to the requested destination. The representative from the Hall of Fame must be with the Trophy at all times and will be solely responsible for the safety and security of the Grey Cup Trophy. These expenses include but are not limited to the following: 3. Return airfare from Hamilton or Toronto; mileage at 0.50¢/km; hotel accommodation for each night required; parking at the airport, airport limo/transportation, taxi’s, car rental & fuel (if required), any oversized baggage fee charged by airline and a Per Diem of $80.00 per calendar day or part thereof (including travel days).

They've been doing this for how long, and there's been how many problems?

Jones probably has to wear Rider gear when he's doing football related stuff, as part of the contract (and various apparel deals that are in place). It's not like it'd be appropriate for him to walk around in EE gear right now.

Jones isn't exactly known as a respectful guy, but I don't see a real issue here. I doubt he woke up and went "gee, what can I wear today that will really piss people off?"

Exactly I would say as well Tridus.

It would be stupid to wear a esk sweater . And great exposure for the cup and our game. We have the 2 mot beautiful cups in Grey and Stanley in the world and are still accessible by the public. Love it.

In this day and age where Sports items are so sought after, it does not seem very smart. Looks like the team gets the cup for 60 days after the championship, the rest of the year it is supposed to reside and the CFHOF. So not sure what its doing down in the US mid-west in April being lugged around like a lunch box. Hopefully it is a replica, if it is then it makes sense.

pikk, who exactly do you mean by 'we' in reference to the Stanley Cup? :?

it's possible but NONE of the many articles/blurbs that have covered this particular showcase in Tennessee have mentioned the word "replica" or "copy" only words like "the Grey Cup" which leads me to believe it is authentic.

The Grey Cup goes to the National Cornbread Festival
Saskatchewan HC/GM Chris Jones brought the Grey Cup back to his hometown of South Pittsburg, TN Saturday for a famed cornbread festival.

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Several other #Esks supporters said Chris Jones should have worn a #CFL logo or no logo at all. - @scruffyregina #Riders

CFL News ?@CFL_News
#Esks supporters say Chris Jones wearing #Riders gear w/ Grey Cup shows lack of class ... ut_25.html#CFL via @scruffyregina[/b]


It's probably not a replica. They take the authenticated Stanley Cup out on tour, too (the replica sits in the HHOF while they do it).

That is true Tridus they do take the authenticated Stanley Cup on tour. Back in 2006, Rod Brind'Amour of the Carolina Hurricanes brought the Cup to Campbell River for us fans to look at. That was the year the Cup accidently fell on the ice which resulted in a dent - the first thing I looked for was the dent when I walked past the Cup and sure enough there was the dent.