Jones using additional national

In the CFL we are required to start 7 nationals. June Jones is now starting 8 with Buren now starting ar WR along with Jones. This does not make sense to me. Does this mean that our import receiving depth is that weak ? If addison or Rashad Lawrence are not good enough to start then why not replace them. Also, we could choose to start another import elsewhere like safety or Defensive End or dress John White as a 2kd running back . I just think starting a rookie 5th round draft pick at WR when you can start an import tells me that we have not brought in quality import receivers. Justin Capp at DE is a below average player with no pass rush ability. Surely, we should be able find a better import DE instead of starting 8 nationals instead of the required 7. Our receiving core has been decimated with injuries especially now with Banks done for the season. This adds to the urgency to bring in another import receiver instead of starting 2
. June Jones mentioned he was going to call up Chad Owens and he could walk right inti this offence as he knows this offence from college days. Having vets like Mcdaniel and Owens and Sinkfield would give Masoli and June Jones plenty of options and prevent teams from double teaming Tasker.

I’m only guessing because I don’t really know the rule on Nat/Int substitution nor what Coach Jones is thinking, but I wonder if the extra Nat starter gives the team more flexibility when it comes to substitutions? Can a Int sub for a Nat, as long as the over-all ratio is maintained at 7 Nats? If so, it might allow more flexibility with formations?

On one side of the ball, yes. It comes down to which unrestricted international (UI) is sitting on the bench. One of the DIs can come on to replace a national as long as a UI on that side of the ball isn't on the field.

Jeez Louise! Who keeps all this straight for the team, and which official keeps up with it all? Sounds confusing, but probably in reality, it is just a matter of noting numbers on and off the field, like an ineligible to eligible receiver?

Buren and Jones are starting because they know the offence. They’re young and fast and happen to be Canadian . That’s a good thing . Ratio flexibility is a strength . Timmis and Thomas Erlington are also young depth guys who know the offence and play on the teams. The reason McDaniel and Owens were let go by other teams is their production dropped off. What makes some people think that they’ll suddenly become younger, faster, and better with the Cats. If they don’t start, do you play them on special teams ? I don’t think so .

The premise of this thread is that Canadians don’t contribute as well as Americans . Offence, defence, and special teams are all important . Having more than 7 starting Canadians is a positive, not a liability.

Pat Lynch (the old Canadian guy)

Pat, you read my mind.

"The mind is a terrible thing" according to Dan Quayle. My favourite might be "If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure" ?? :o

Pat Lynch (the old guy who's a big Palmer fan)

I disagree Pat. First of all , I don’t expect Owens and Mcdaniel to be their old selves but I still think they something left in tank just not enough to be kept at the high salaries they once had. I agree that having 8 legit national starters would be great but we don’t have that. We have 3 decent nationals in Laurent, Filer, Revenberg. The rest are marginal. I dont see where it gives us ratio flexibilty unless you think dressing but not using Rashad Lawrence or having Howare and Tracy in and out at DE with the option if playing them both at times. I think it gives you more security being able to dress an extra import at db, wr, lb in case of injury. The fact is that imports are usually much better than nationals especiall at DE, WR, DB, QB ,Lb and OT. Tilman should be able to find an import receiver to start over Buren or Jones like Chad Owens, a cfl free agent, an NFL cut or internally with Lawrence or Adison. They both know the offence especially Lawrence. If they are still not good enough to start ovet Buren or Jones then we did a poor job of identifying and retaining them as import receivers. If starting 8 mostly average nationals over 7 was a good thing than you would see other cfl teams starting 8 which you never see as they have imports that are much better options. We appear to not have much better import options at DE and receiver.

Is White slower than those Canadians? There is no reason why they should pick Canadain receivers
over White as a SB. White knows the Offence and is a better choice even though he has not played
that postion.

Some have one the Grey Cup by starting more than the required 7. I remember both Saskatchewan and Montreal starting 10 the one year. Our Canadians are having a good year.

Revenburg, Filer and the rookie are a good interior. Laurent is his usual self. Yes Cap looks to have lost a step, but sacks aren’t the end all and be all. The most impressive this year has been Daly, he looks agressive and much better in coverage than most would have thought. Jones has had his drops, but looks to run crisp routes and has the speed to boot. Buren has looked good, the guy is probably the fifth option on most plays. Are Canadian running backs have been good and deserve more carries.

I don’t get the people who bash the Canadians in this league. Please get rid of the inferiority complex.

“White is a better choice even though he has not played that position”. What could possibly go wrong playing a guy who isn’t a receiver? Maybe the Head Coach knows more abouthis abilities than we do. :slight_smile: We’re not talking about Le’Veon Bell here. White is a dancer who plays running back.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Go ahead and call "the rest" that they are marginal to their face.

And, their stats, this season, are quite comparable to, or better than, all of the following:
Toliver, Chris Williams, McDaniel, Addison and Lawrence. Also true when compared with Shamawd Chambers' 2017 stats.

Just a thought, but if Chad Owens is such a valuable asset, why does Calgary, with the wisdom and experience of Hufnagel and Dickenson, and the apparently desperate need for receivers, not pick him up?

Good point Palmer. Not sure why Calgary would not puck him up. I think they typically have liked taĺler receivers. Our offence is tailored to smaller fast receivers. With Owens being in great shape and having all the cfl experience plus knowing the June Jones offence from his u of hawaii days makes him a good pick up for us.

I totally agree Pat! And having an extra "national" on the roster ensures that if one is injured the ratio can be maintained without a lot of (if any) shuffling.

If Jones (coach) didn't think Buren was good enough to start he'd still be sitting on the PR. The only way he is going to get better (and so far I think he's done a decent job) is by playing. Yes he'll make a few mistakes but he'll learn from them and won't repeat them.

As for McDaniel - I didn't think his production had dropped off that much but I could be wrong. Owens has had too many problems with injury for him to be a reliable receiver any more - unfortunately.

Assuming his foot has healed.

Owens is old and injury prone. He was in Hamilton only a few minutes and then immediately joined the gallery of the infirm.