Jones & Stegall, you've got to be kidding

I can't believe that Jones and Stegall were picked the top QB reciever combo, absolutely rediculous. What do they have 0 Grey Cups between them.

What a joke.


You know, I live in Winnipeg and I'm a huge fan, but I'm mystified by this. I mean Milt is the best, but as a tandem? I don't see it. Congrats to them though, and Jones is good on TV.

I agree with Stegall but seeing how it is a tandam. The is no way Jones deserves to be there!

The whole thing about "making a connection", CFL wise, was joke to begin with anyway. You really cant say who was the best QB-receiver tandem because none of them actually played together for any length of time. A lot of great receivers are off this list because they had multiple QBs who threw to them over the years.

That's the problem with those 'Best of' Lists, they really only represent the last few years of history.

As soon as I saw that any one fan could vote as many times as they wanted I threw out any credibility this contest may have had.

yea something was up.. no WAY that Jones and Stegall should have been #1.. if anything #3 or 4.. but no way in hell #1.

this was a joke of a contest.

The players from a long time back
don't generate as much discussion

since most people, even the judges,
didn't see many of them play, FWAT.


Credibility Shmedibility!

All the players are worthy
of being on these lists.

This list thing is just a fun exercise

for each of us to remember the achievements
of the players we have memories of personally.

Compiling these lists honours many fine CFL players
and stimulates discussions about these players
and about the ones who weren't on the main list
or even get on the honourable mention's list.

McManus-Flutie? Calvillo-Cahoon? Lancaster-Campbell? Not sure how much longer it gets than that.

Anyway, I assume the Bomber fans did the best job mobilizing the voters, and voting multiple times. (Or maybe it was Khari's family?)

Say what you will, but Jones-Stegall were unstoppable for a couple years there. It's the "couple" that a lot of people would have a problem with.

Give them credit guys… I dont think they were the best of all time, but I mean they were pretty damn good for a few years there…

They won it by default. 26% picked them. Not a majority. Anyways, it creates a lot of discussion.

Zero Grey Cups, nothing more needs to be said.

Kelly & Moon have what, 9 Cups between them.

I complained that the top 50 selectors did not have fan representation, now I know why. Although the top 50 selectors got it wrong too.

I didn't think they had a chance. I thought it would have been Moon/kelly or Flutie/pitts.

....apparently KK voted 16,235 times alone....

.....probably all votes went to Miti Stegail.....

ok simply saying this. i don;t like the fact it was jones and stegall. but stegall and jones did go good together and well winnipeg fans voted that way. of you guys don;t like it u had the chance to vote and change its outcome. but the best reciver of all time got what he deserved with or without a GC.

Thanks Winnipeg for again proving that you cant
leave this type of vote in the fans hands.


i think for sure it SHOULD HAVE BEEN flutie and mcmanus...those to had the best chemistry for WR/QB combo

So thats where he's been for the last two weeks! :wink: :wink: :wink: