Jones Soda, reppin' the Argos

I just found this via google plus. Seattle Washington based Jones Soda features a brief history of the Argos on their pop bottles.

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Pretty cool.

very cool indeed PiCat.

Is Jones Soda a Canadian company?

oh, and I believe the assertions on that label may be incorrect as the Hamilton TiCats/Football Club (circa 1869) is the oldest football team in North America over the Toronto Argonauts (circa 1873)

(semantics are clearly an addiction of mine) :expressionless:

The company started in Western Canada, but later moved to Seattle, Washington (

I also wondered about calling the Argos the oldest, but I suppose which one you say is the oldest depends on whether you think the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are the same team as the Hamilton Tigers or you think a new team was formed when the Tigers and the Wildcats merged (or earlier when the Tigers and Alerts merged). Certainly, the Argos are the oldest North American football team never to have changed its name, while the Tiger-Cats are the team with the longest history.

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this is not true and revisionist history on the part of the tiger-cats.

if 2 teams merge and become one under a NEW name, then it is a new team. at some point in time, the tigers played the flying wild-cats, so they were 2 seperate teams. how the tiger-cats decided to pick and choose history from the 2 seperate teams and claim it as 1 is BS, IMO. they claim all championships won by BOTH organizations as their own.

if the habs merged with the maple leafs under a new name, say the 'Red Leafs', you cannot claim the NEW team 36 championships and the founding date as the earliest of the 2. the habs and leafs played eachother for some of those championships, so how can a team defeat itself to win a title?
no other sports team does this.

there are teams in baseball that can trace their history to a time pre-dating the argos and tiger-cats, but do not claim to be the oldest pro sports team in north america. this is because they changed both cities and names along the way and some cases merged with other teams.

why the tiger-cats insist they were founded in 1869 rather then 1950 i dont know, but it is revisionist history. the TIGERS may have been founded in 1869, but that team no longer exists as of 1950. the hamilton tiger-cats did not exist in 1869.

the argos are the oldest pro team in north america to have its original history dated back to the one and same organazation in the same city in the same sport and are the same incarnation as the original.

sorry to elaborate on this, but;
if i changed my name, i would still be the same person with the same birthdate and take credit for all my achievements and failures. what the tiger-cats are doing is taking their grandfather's or parent's birthdate and their achievements as their own.

Good on Jones Soda nice to see the Argos get some promotion outside of the CFL

Cool story. Jones soda is really good to boot.

It's a moot point anyway. What the back of the can (and history) tells us is that the Argos are the oldest PROFESSIONAL team in North America. Whether or not other teams were around doesn't matter when the discussion turns to being a professional sports organization. They were the only one 138 years ago.

the reason i went on such a rant, is, because the tigercats claim to be the oldest.

They may well be the oldest. But...If they weren't paying their staff and players they aren't the oldest Pro. team.