Jones released

The Eskimos have released DL Kitwana Jones. Possible pickup for the cats?

I'm surprised at this. Must have fallen out of favour with more than just the "beancounter".

Were pretty good at OLB and DL but then again he's an upgrade over Mariuz except for ST Ray is very well on special teams.

Bring him to Hamilton to fight crime

If Obie thinks for a second he's an upgrade on the line he'll be here. To quote Obie "Better is better".

I'm still a little stunned by this move. I thought he was doing well there. The excuse was that they need to get bigger at DL.

Odd excuse; he wasn't playing first string anyway. . . Ellis was first string and Jones was only inserted into games every now and then. Heck they knew his size when they traded to get him. . .

8) Sounds kind of familiar here in Hamilton.....namely Nautyn McKay Loescher !!! :roll:

He's returning to Saskatchewan. A steal of a deal for the Riders.